1. d44f84f temporarily remove sources from features and update site until we can build them LOCALLY by nickboldt · 7 years ago
  2. 8d2ffa4 add missing plugins org.eclipse.datatools.doc.isv and org.eclipse.datatools.connectivity.ui.templates to update site; add org.eclipse.datatools.sdk.feature and org.eclipse.datatools.enablement.sdk.feature to update site by nickboldt · 7 years ago
  3. 9b4ee44 Relative path fixes by Rob Stryker · 7 years ago
  4. e2885c3 remove org.eclipse.datatools.sdk.feature and org.eclipse.datatools.enablement.sdk.feature from update site until they're back in the main reactor by nickboldt · 7 years ago
  5. aa7428d new update site build by nickboldt · 7 years ago