1. 0fc754d bump version of failing tests and recompile for Bundle-RequiredExecutionEnvironment: JavaSE-1.8 by nickboldt · 6 years ago
  2. 485f961 support running tests with JUnit 4 by nickboldt · 6 years ago
  3. d1d3ce5 [339154] ODA DataSourceDesign attribute could be optional in a nested DataSetDesign by Linda Chan · 13 years ago
  4. 8e31ac4 [303022] Support use of Resource Key for Localizable Attributes in ODA Design model by Linda Chan · 14 years ago
  5. 80faad1 [262874] ODA Data Filtering Specification model - Initial cut of Experimental API by Linda Chan · 15 years ago
  6. 10741e3 [241771] Enable an ODA consumer to optionally specify its resource base for reference by an ODA provider by Linda Chan · 16 years ago
  7. 66fb81a [210171] Utility to save or load an ODA Design Session to/from an URI resource by Linda Chan · 17 years ago