1. aae9ef6 [BZ217403] Update build.properties to select about.html in source build; update ODA build.properties and remove obsolete build scripts. by jgraham · 16 years ago
  2. ec9eedd [BZ195330] Fixing issue with base tabs and optional props by Brian Fitzpatrick · 17 years ago
  3. fe88005 [198544] Remove Windows-specific Unicode characters from about.html by jgraham · 17 years ago
  4. 2bda847 [175007] extend ddl generation support to other object types (sp, udf, udt, assertion) by rcernich · 17 years ago
  5. 88d2ecc Clean up externalized strings by jgraham · 17 years ago
  6. b546fdf Adjust for automated build by jgraham · 17 years ago
  7. c8a1f8c Initial check-in of Sybase Enablement contribution by jgraham · 17 years ago