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Brian Fitzpatrick4a271452009-06-02 01:02:16 +00008<p>June 15, 2009</p>
Lin Songba34ddf2008-03-27 07:45:09 +00009<H3>License</H3>
10<P>The Eclipse Foundation makes available all content in this plug-in
11("Content"). Unless otherwise indicated below, the Content is provided to you
12under the terms and conditions of the Eclipse Public License Version 1.0
13("EPL"). A copy of the EPL is available at <A
15For purposes of the EPL, "Program" will mean the Content.</P>
16<P>If you did not receive this Content directly from the Eclipse Foundation, the
17Content is being redistributed by another party ("Redistributor") and different
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19Check the Redistributor's license that was provided with the Content. If no such
20license exists, contact the Redistributor. Unless otherwise indicated below, the
21terms and conditions of the EPL still apply to any source code in the