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<project default="main">
<target name="init">
<touch file="${user.home}/.cvspass" />
<available file="${buildDirectory}/" property="" />
<antcall target="" />
<property file="${buildDirectory}/" />
<!--fetch the HEAD stream of all projects if build type specified as N-->
<condition property="fetchTag" value="HEAD">
<equals arg1="${buildType}" arg2="N" />
<condition property="forceContextQualifier" value="${buildId}">
<equals arg1="${buildType}" arg2="N" />
<!--Default values for required properties-->
<property name="buildDirectory" value="${basedir}/src" />
<!--compiler args-->
<property name="compilerArg" value="-enableJavadoc -encoding ISO-8859-1 -warn:-discouraged,forbidden" />
<property name="javacSource" value="1.4" />
<property name="javacTarget" value="1.4" />
<property name="javacDebugInfo" value="true" />
<property name="javacFailOnError" value="false" />
<property name="javacVerbose" value="true" />
<!--this property required as of Eclipse 3.0 stream builds > 20031126 -->
<property name="buildingOSGi" value="true" />
<!--zip args-->
<property name="zipargs" value="-y -qq" />
<!--unzip args-->
<property name="unzipArgs" value="-qq" />
<target name="main" depends="init">
<property name="component" value="${basedir}/eclipse/buildConfigs/birt" />
<!--run the build for the specified component-->
<ant antfile="build.xml" dir="${eclipse.pdebuild.scripts}">
<property name="builder" value="${component}" />
<target name="" unless="">
<mkdir dir="${buildDirectory}" />
<property name="date" value="${DSTAMP}" />
<property name="time" value="${TSTAMP}" />
<property name="timestamp" value="${date}-${time}" />
<property name="buildType" value="I" />
<property name="buildId" value="${buildType}${timestamp}" />
<!--this naming convention used by php scripts on download server-->
<property name="buildLabel" value="${buildId}" />
<!--store the build label information in a file-->
<echo file="${buildDirectory}/">