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<title>DTP ODA Consumer Helper Driver Bridge</title>
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<H1><CENTER>DTP ODA Consumer Helper Driver Bridge</CENTER></H1>
<h6 class=CaptionFigColumn id=header>Identifier: </h6>org.eclipse.datatools.connectivity.oda.consumer.driverBridge<p></p>
<h6 class=CaptionFigColumn id=header>Since: </h6>3.0
<h6 class=CaptionFigColumn id=header>Description: </h6>This ODA consumer helper component's extension point supports the use of a custom ODA driver bridge. An extension would specify a run-time driver bridge that extends the consumer helper, and/or servers as an adapter to underlying data provider objects that do not implement the org.eclipse.datatools.connectivity.oda interfaces.</p>
<p><h6 class=CaptionFigColumn id=header>Configuration Markup:</h6></p>
<p class=code id=dtd>&lt;!ELEMENT <a name="e.extension">extension</a> (<a href="#e.bridge">bridge</a>)&gt;</p>
<p class=code id=dtd>&lt;!ATTLIST extension</p>
<p class=code id=dtdAttlist>point&nbsp;CDATA #REQUIRED<p class=code id=dtdAttlist>id&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;CDATA #IMPLIED<p class=code id=dtdAttlist>name&nbsp;&nbsp;CDATA #IMPLIED&gt;</p>
<ul class=ConfigMarkup id=attlistDesc>
<br><p class=code id=dtd>&lt;!ELEMENT <a name="e.bridge">bridge</a> EMPTY&gt;</p>
<p class=code id=dtd>&lt;!ATTLIST bridge</p>
<p class=code id=dtdAttlist>driverType&nbsp;CDATA #REQUIRED<p class=code id=dtdAttlist>bridgeId&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;CDATA #REQUIRED&gt;</p>
<p class=ConfigMarkup id=elementDesc>
Defines the custom driver bridge for a type of driver.</p>
<ul class=ConfigMarkup id=attlistDesc>
<li><b>driverType</b> - The type of an underlying data driver for which an ODA driver bridge is applied. It can be either the interface name or class name of the driver. A bridge defined for a driver class takes precedence over those defined for a driver's interface(s).</li>
<li><b>bridgeId</b> - The ODA data source element id of the driver bridge extension that adapts the ODA runtime interfaces for a data driver, and implements the ODA data source extension point <i>org.eclipse.datatools.connectivity.oda.dataSource</i>.
<br>Its driver bridge extension's <i>driverClass</i> is the concrete class that serves as the custom bridge's entry point.</li>
<br><h6 class=CaptionFigColumn id=header>API Information: </h6>The driver bridge must implement the runtime interfaces defined in the <i>org.eclipse.datatools.connectivity.oda</i> package. See the package's JavaDoc documentation and API interfaces for more information.
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