Fix compile against Photon.

Photon removes WorkbenchHelp (deprecated since 2005) and it has to be
accessed through PlatformUI now.

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Eclipse Data Tools

As of January 2018, Eclipse Data Tools (DTP) is now build with Maven 3.5 & Tycho 1.0.

Building locally

First, fetch the code:

git clone ssh://{YOUR-ECLIPSE-USER}


git clone


cd org.eclipse.datatools

To build:

mvn clean install

To build without tests:

mvn clean install -DskipTests


To contribute, submit a gerrit request against this repo:

You can then see your submitted requests here:

Continuous Builds

The master branch is currently built here:

Therefore the latest CI build can be found here:

Deprecated Code

Note that this repo is now the combination of the other 18 org.eclipse.datatools.*.git repos, which means the other repos are deprecated. Should you want to run the old Ant-based build, check out the 19 repos and then run the build in org.eclipse.datatools, from the DTP_1_14_1_Release tag, not from the master branch.