# Welcome to basyx-packages! In this repository you'll find all ready-to-use NuGet packages of the entire BaSyx .NET SDK. With these packages you're ready to develop, e.g.:

  • Server Applications for
    • Asset Administration Shells & their optional Repositories,
    • Submodels & their optional Repositories,
    • Registry
  • Client Applications for
    • Asset Administration Shells,
    • Submodels,
    • Registry.
  • Middleware Components
    • Registry
    • mDNS-Discovery
  • Read & Write
    • JSON & XML serialization
    • AASX-Packages
  • and much more...


In order to access the NuGet-Packages from the dotnet environment resp. Microsoft Visual Studio, the packages folder needs to be registered as NuGet source.

Either use


or open command prompt in the packages folder an enter

setx BASYX_REPO %cd%
dotnet nuget add source %cd% --name BaSyx.Packages

The first command sets an user environment variable. It's necessary if you want to build the SDK on your own. Each SDK project file contains a command as post-build process that generates a new NuGet package which will be stored in the folder mentioned in BASYX_REPO environment variable.