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* Copyright (c) 2007-2008 Eclipse Foundation and others.
* All rights reserved. This program and the accompanying materials
* are made available under the terms of the Eclipse Public License v1.0
* which accompanies this distribution, and is available at
* Contributors:
* Antoine Toulme, Intalio Inc. bug 248845: Refactoring generate1.php into different files with a functional approach
* Documentation:
ini_set("memory_limit", "64M");
require(dirname(__FILE__) . "/../system/backend_functions.php");
global $addon;
$context = $addon->callHook('context');
$work_dir = $addon->callHook('babel_working');
require(dirname(__FILE__) . "/../system/dbconnection.class.php");
require(dirname(__FILE__) . "/../system/feature.class.php");
$dbc = new DBConnection();
$dbh = $dbc->connect();
$work_context_dir = $work_dir . $context . "_site/";
$tmp_dir = $work_context_dir . "tmp/";
$output_dir = $work_context_dir . "output/";
$sites_dir = $work_context_dir . "sites/";
exec("rm -rf $work_context_dir*");
exec("mkdir -p $output_dir");
exec("mkdir -p $sites_dir");
//iterate over all the release trains
foreach(ReleaseTrain::all() as $train) {
$features = array();
// create a dedicated folder for each of them
exec("mkdir -p $sites_dir/$train->id");
// create the output folder for temporary artifacts
$output_dir_for_train = "$output_dir/$train->id/";
// iterate over each language
foreach(Language::all() as $lang) {
// create a new feature object
$feature = new Feature($lang, $train, $tmp_dir, $output_dir_for_train);
// make it generate itself
$features[] = $feature;
$site = fopen("$output_dir_for_train/eclipse/site.xml", "w");
$head = <<<HEAD
<site mirrorsURL="">
<description url="">
This update site contains user-contributed translations of the strings in all Eclipse projects.
Please see the Babel project web pages for a full how-to-use explanation of
these translations as well as how you can contribute to the translations of this and future versions of Eclipse.
fwrite($site, $head);
$version = $train->version ."_". $train->timestamp;
foreach($features as $f) {
$language_name = $f->language->name;
$filename = $f->filename();
$feature_text = <<<FEATURE_TEXT
<category-def name="Babel Language Packs in $language_name" label="Babel Language Packs in $language_name">
<description>Babel Language Packs in Pseudo Translations</description>
<feature url="features/$filename.jar" id="$filename" version="$version">
<category name="Babel Language Packs in $language_name"/>
fwrite($site, $feature_text);
exec("mv $output_dir_for_train/eclipse $sites_dir/" . $train->id . "_" . $train->timestamp);