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#Generated by ResourceBundle Editor (
dialog.add.body = Add the following key :
dialog.add.head = Add key
dialog.delete.body.multiple = Are you sure you want to delete all keys in "{0}" group?
dialog.delete.body.single = Are you sure you want to delete "{0}"?
dialog.delete.head.multiple = Delete key group
dialog.delete.head.single = Delete key
dialog.duplicate.body.multiple = Duplicate key group "{0}" to (all nested keys will be duplicated):
dialog.duplicate.body.single = Duplicate "{0}" to:
dialog.duplicate.head.multiple = Duplicate key group
dialog.duplicate.head.single = Duplicate key
dialog.error.exists = This key already exists.
dialog.identical.body = Below are keys having identical value as key "{0}" within the locale "{1}":
dialog.identical.head = Identical value(s) found.
dialog.rename.body.multiple = Rename key group "{0}" to (all nested keys will be renamed):
dialog.rename.body.single = Rename "{0}" to:
dialog.rename.head.multiple = Rename key group
dialog.rename.head.single = Rename key
dialog.similar.body = Below are keys having similar value as key "{0}" within the locale "{1}":
dialog.similar.head = Similar value(s) found.
editor.content.desc = Editor for ResourceBundle:
editor.default = Default
editor.i18nentry.rootlocale.label = Default
editor.i18nentry.resourcelocation = Resource location: {0} = Create = New... = New properties file: = Properties
editor.readOnly = read-only
editor.wiz.add = Add -->
editor.wiz.browse = Browse...
editor.wiz.bundleName = &Base Name:
editor.wiz.creating = Creating
editor.wiz.desc = This wizard creates a set of new files with *.properties extension that can be opened by the ResourceBundle editor.
editor.wiz.error.bundleName = Base name must be specified.
editor.wiz.error.container = Files container must be specified.
editor.wiz.error.extension = You can't specify an extension. It will be appended for you.
editor.wiz.folder = &Folder:
editor.wiz.opening = Opening properties files for editing...
editor.wiz.remove = <-- Remove
editor.wiz.selectFolder = Select a folder
editor.wiz.selected = Selected locales
editor.wiz.title = ResourceBundle (Properties Files)
error.init.badencoding = Malformed \\uxxxx encoding found in this string:
error.init.ui = Cannot initialize visual component.
error.newfile.cannotCreate = Cannot create new file.
error.newfile.cannotOpen = Cannot open newly created file.
error.seeLogs = See log file for details.
key.add = &Add
key.collapseAll = Co&llapse All
key.comment = Co&mment
key.delete = &Delete
key.duplicate = Du&plicate
key.expandAll = &Expand All
key.layout.flat = Flat
key.layout.tree = Tree
key.rename = &Rename
key.uncomment = &Uncomment
prefs.alignEquals = Align equal signs
prefs.convertEncoded = Convert \\uXXXX values to unicode when reading from properties file
prefs.convertUnicode = Convert unicode values to \\uXXXX
prefs.convertUnicode.upper = Use uppercase for hexadecimal letters
prefs.fieldTabInserts = Tab key inserts a tab in localized text fields
prefs.filterLocales.label = Displayed locales:
prefs.filterLocales.tooltip = Comma separated list of locales to display, '*' and '?' can be used.
prefs.groupAlignEquals = Align equal signs within groups
prefs.groupKeys = Group keys
prefs.groupSep = Key group separator:
prefs.keepEmptyFields = Keep keys without values
prefs.keysSorted = Sort keys
prefs.keyTree.expanded = Key tree is expanded by default
prefs.keyTree.hierarchical = Key tree is hierarchical by default
prefs.levelDeep = How many level deep:
prefs.levelDeep.error = The 'How many level deep' field must be numeric
prefs.linesBetween = How many lines between groups:
prefs.linesBetween.error = The 'How many lines between groups' field must be numeric
prefs.newline.force = Force new line escape style:
prefs.newline.nice = Wrap lines after escaped new line characters
prefs.perform.duplVals = Report keys sharing duplicate values within the same locale file
prefs.perform.intro1 = The following features can have a significant impact on performance
prefs.perform.intro2 = Especially on large files. Use them wisely
prefs.perform.missingVals = Report keys having one or more missing values
prefs.perform.simVals = Report keys sharing similar values within the same locale file
prefs.perform.simVals.levensthein = Use Levensthein distance
prefs.perform.simVals.precision = Precision level (between 0 and 1):
prefs.perform.simVals.precision.error = Precision level must be between 0 and 1
prefs.perform.simVals.wordCount = Use identical word count
prefs.removeAlreadyInstalledValidators.title = Remove installed i18n validators
prefs.removeAlreadyInstalledValidators.text = Would you like to remove the currently installed i18n builders?
prefs.perform.message.ignore = Ignore = Info
prefs.perform.message.warning = Warning
prefs.perform.message.error = Error
prefs.setupValidationBuilderAutomatically = Setup validation builder on java projects automatically
prefs.showGeneratedBy = Show "Generated By..." header comment (show your support!)
prefs.spacesAroundEquals = At least one space each side of equal signs
prefs.supportNL = Support Eclipse "nl" structure for plugin internationalization
prefs.wrapAlignEquals = Align wrapped lines with equal signs
prefs.wrapIndent = How many spaces to use for indentation:
prefs.wrapIndent.error = The 'How many spaces to use...' field must be numeric
prefs.wrapLines = Wrap long lines
prefs.wrapLinesChar = Wrap lines after how many characters:
prefs.wrapLinesChar.error = The 'Wrap lines after...' field must be numeric = Country
selector.language = Lang.
selector.title = Choose or type a Locale
selector.variant = Variant
value.comment.tooltip = Check to comment this entry.
value.duplicate.tooltip = Duplicate value(s) found. Click for details.
value.goto.tooltip = Click to go to corresponding properties file.
value.similar.tooltip = Similar value(s) found. Click for details.
value.uncomment.tooltip = Uncheck to uncomment this entry.