Xtend test classes are added with some changes

1. the existing JUnit test classes are replaced with Xtend test classes
(CPURtaTest.java, E2ELatencyTest_Multi.java, E2ELatencyTest_Single.java
> AllTests.java, CPURtaTest.xtend, E2ELatencyTest_Multi.xtend,

2. changes in .project and .classpath due to Xtend-gen package (the
automatically generated package itself is omitted from this commit)

3. contents regarding APP4RTA are removed (due to their non-generality /
includes: APP4RTA.java, Description.pdf, Diagram.png)

4. unnecessary lines are removed

Change-Id: I32665e402bc7e0ca594f53da24ef24cf46870606
Signed-off-by: Junhyung Ki <kijoonh91@gmail.com>
17 files changed
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  2. description.txt
  3. eclipse-tools/
  4. general-tools/