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roverapp Software (C/C++) for APP4MC Rover project

API Documentation Link

API documentation link:

Comprehensive documentation link:

Roverapp complete feature list is given below:

  • Multi-threaded, schedulable and traceable embedded software.
  • Cloud communication to Hono 0.5-M9 infrastructure using REST API, using customly created hono_interaction library.
  • Utilized drivers for Linux modules such as bluetooth (bluetooth-dev).
  • I2C drivers and applications (threads) for OLED display, SRF02 ultrasonic sensor, HMC5883L magnetometer, GY-521Y accelerometer, etc.
  • Temperature and humidity measurement using DHT22 sensor.
  • Reactive implementations for TCP socket server and TCP socket client, with proper JSON formatted data for communication.
  • OLED display application that is able to display bluetooth, Hono cloud, ethernet, wireless interface, and internet with the help of status_library library.
  • OpenCV 2.4.9 utilization and image processing application (currently Traffic cone detection).
  • SHARP Analog Proximity measurement sensor interfacing and implementations.
  • SRF-02, HCSR-04, and Grove Ultrasonic sensor interfacing and implementations.
  • Motor driving implementations.
  • Timing measurement implementations with the help of timing library.
  • CPU core utilization measurement implementation.
  • Adaptive Cruise Control behavior implementation.
  • Parking behavior implementation.
  • Booth mode implementations.
  • Implementations for bluetooth-based driving from Android phones.