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* Copyright (c) 2017 FH Dortmund and others
* All rights reserved. This program and the accompanying materials
* are made available under the terms of the Eclipse Public License v1.0
* which accompanies this distribution, and is available at
* Description:
* Interface file for shared resources
* Authors:
* M. Ozcelikors, R.Hottger
* <> <>
* Contributors:
* Update History:
* 02.02.2017 - first compilation
* 15.03.2017 - updated tasks for web-based driving
#include <stdio.h>
//Driving modes
#define MANUAL 0
#define ACC 1
#define PARKING_LEFT 2
typedef struct {
char * task_id;
int deadline_miss_percentage;
double start_time;
double end_time;
double deadline;
double period;
double execution_time;
double prev_slack_time;
} timing_interface;
extern timing_interface compass_task_ti;
extern pthread_mutex_t compass_task_ti_l;
extern timing_interface temperature_task_ti;
extern pthread_mutex_t temperature_task_ti_l;
extern timing_interface display_sensors_task_ti;
extern pthread_mutex_t display_sensors_task_ti_l;
extern timing_interface infrared_distance_task_ti;
extern pthread_mutex_t infrared_distance_task_ti_l;
extern timing_interface keycommand_task_ti;
extern pthread_mutex_t keycommand_task_ti_l;
extern timing_interface motordriver_task_ti;
extern pthread_mutex_t motordriver_task_ti_l;
extern timing_interface ultrasonic_grove_task_ti;
extern pthread_mutex_t ultrasonic_grove_task_ti_l;
extern timing_interface ultrasonic_sr04_back_task_ti;
extern pthread_mutex_t ultrasonic_sr04_back_task_ti_l;
extern timing_interface ultrasonic_sr04_front_task_ti;
extern pthread_mutex_t ultrasonic_sr04_front_task_ti_l;
extern timing_interface webserver_motordrive_task_ti;
extern pthread_mutex_t webserver_motordrive_task_ti_l;
extern timing_interface compass_sensor_task_ti;
extern pthread_mutex_t compass_sensor_task_ti_l;
extern timing_interface acc_task_ti;
extern pthread_mutex_t acc_task_ti_l;
extern timing_interface record_timing_task_ti;
extern timing_interface record_sensor_data_task_ti;
extern pthread_mutex_t record_sensor_data_task_ti_l;
extern timing_interface parking_task_ti;
extern pthread_mutex_t parking_task_ti_l;
extern float temperature_shared;
extern pthread_mutex_t temperature_lock;
extern float humidity_shared;
extern pthread_mutex_t humidity_lock;
extern int distance_grove_shared;
extern pthread_mutex_t distance_grove_lock;
extern char keycommand_shared;
extern pthread_mutex_t keycommand_lock;
extern float infrared_shared[4];
extern pthread_mutex_t infrared_lock;
extern float bearing_shared;
extern pthread_mutex_t compass_lock;
extern int distance_sr04_back_shared;
extern pthread_mutex_t distance_sr04_back_lock;
extern int distance_sr04_front_shared;
extern pthread_mutex_t distance_sr04_front_lock;
extern int driving_mode;
extern pthread_mutex_t driving_mode_lock;
extern int speed_shared;
extern pthread_mutex_t speed_lock;
#endif /* INTERFACES_H_ */