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mparker4f7a2ab2010-01-26 05:52:27 +00001<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
mparker86a687f2010-01-27 03:38:18 +00003 title="Create an Escape Java Model">
mparker4f7a2ab2010-01-26 05:52:27 +00004 <intro>
5 <description>
6 This cheat sheet walks you through creating a new Java-based Escape model.
7 </description>
8 </intro>
9 <item title="Create your Scape class" dialog="true" skip="false" href="/org.eclipse.jdt.doc.user/gettingStarted/qs-9.htm">
10 <description>
mparker00fc3992010-01-30 04:48:51 +000011 The next step is to create the actual model class. In the main toolbar again, click on the <b>New Java Class</b> button (or the link below). If not already specified, select your project&apos;s <b>src</b> directory as the source folder. Enter <b>CoordinationGame</b> for the class name, &quot;ede.brook.model&quot; as the package name, and select the checkbox to create the <b>main()</b> method, then click <b>Finish</b>.<br/>
mparker4f7a2ab2010-01-26 05:52:27 +000012<br/>
13The Java editor will automatically open showing your new class.
14 </description>
15 <command serialization="org.eclipse.ui.newWizard(newWizardId=org.eclipse.jdt.ui.wizards.NewClassCreationWizard)" required="false" translate="">
16 </command>
17 </item>
18 <item
mparker00fc3992010-01-30 04:48:51 +000019 title="Copy the Coordination Game code.">
mparker4f7a2ab2010-01-26 05:52:27 +000020 <description>
mparker8c858af2010-04-29 03:11:32 +000021 To implement the model, we&apos;ll just copy the code from the Ascape manual. If you don&apos;t have the Ascape documentation installed you can find the code at:
mparker4f7a2ab2010-01-26 05:52:27 +000022 </description>
23 <command
24 required="false"
mparker00fc3992010-01-30 04:48:51 +000025 serialization=""/>
mparker4f7a2ab2010-01-26 05:52:27 +000026 </item>
27 <item title="Create your Agent class" dialog="true" skip="false" href="/org.eclipse.jdt.doc.user/gettingStarted/qs-9.htm">
28 <description>
29 Next, do the same for the CoordinationGamePlayer class.
30 </description>
31 <command serialization="org.eclipse.ui.newWizard(newWizardId=org.eclipse.jdt.ui.wizards.NewClassCreationWizard)" required="false" translate="">
32 </command>
33 </item>
mparker00fc3992010-01-30 04:48:51 +000034 <item
35 title="Copy the Coordination Player code.">
36 <description>
37 <b>Body</b>
38 </description>
39 </item>
mparker4f7a2ab2010-01-26 05:52:27 +000040</cheatsheet>