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<a name="Credits"></a>Credits</h2>
<p>Miles Parker is a consultant and software developer with over ten years of experience in the agent-based modeling field and twenty years developing object-oriented tools and frameworks and is the architect and project lead for the Eclipse Agent Modeling Platform (Incubation).</p>
<p>Metascape, LLC is the primary contributor to AMP and provides Agent-Based Modeling tools, including sophisticated tools based on the AMF platform, and comprehensive consulting services. For more information on Metascape products and services visit
<a class="ulink" href="" target="_new"></a>.
<p>The AMF meta-model started life as
<a class="ulink" href="/wiki/" target="_new">"score"</a>, a component of the Repast Simphony environment. Argonne National Labs supported the initial development in 2007 and agreed to contribute the relevant IP to the Eclipse project in 2009. It wasn't fully utilized within Simphony, and migrated from there to the MetaABM project supported by Metascape. The MetaABM project defined a complete editor, code-generation and model execution suite that formed the initial AMP AMF contribution. Metascape has sponsored the development of AMF from 2007 through the present.
<p>The AMP logo was inspired by the
<a class="ulink" href="/wiki/http://swarm.org_Swarm_logo" target="_new"> Swarm logo</a> with their kind permission.