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==Running Agent Models==
===Exploring Example ABM Models===
The first thing most people will want to do in AMP is to play with the example models. You can explore AMF models as well as some really interesting classic ABM models.
====Downloading Models====
To obtain the models, simply launch the cheat sheet. Go to the '''Help > Cheat Sheets...''' menu and choose "Load Sample Projects".
Or you can get them yourself from the following locations:
=====AMF Models=====
To understand the capabilities of AMF, you might also want to try out running the same models automatically generated for Ascape or Repast. These are located at in cvsroot/modeling:
=====Escape / Ascape Java Models=====
These are SVN projects in the sourceforge SVN. For help, see [[ this page]].
====Generating Models====
There are a number of models developed with AMF that can automatically generate example models to run in Escape. There are two ways to run the example models:
=====Creating a New Escape Project=====
The best option is to simply create a new Escape project and drag the models into it!
#If you're not already there, open the Agent Modeling Perspective. Select Window > Open Perspective > Other.. and then Agent Modeling. (Or you can choose Window > Reset Perspective and the Agent Modeling perspective should appear in the Open Perspective list itself.)
#Next, let's create the project where we'll place our model. Select File > New > Escape AMF Project. Give it a name like "escape.tutorial", then click Finish.
#Finally grab the Epidemic.metaabm model at and drag it into the project. (Depending on your browser the file may load as text directly into your browser, in which case just right-click on the link and save it to a file.)
We've developer have a complete cheat sheet supporting this tutorial. Simply go to '''Help > Cheat Sheets...''' and then select "Run an Example Model" from within the "Agent Modeling" category.
====Next Steps====
To understand the capabilities of AMF, you might also want to try out running the same models automatically generated for Ascape or Repast.
===Classic Java ABM Models===
Many models have been created using Ascape over the years, including all of the classic models created at Brookings and some other cool models such as Craig Reynold's Boids and a pretty cool little traffic model, and they've all been converted to run in Escape. They're in Java but you can execute and explore them in exactly the same way as the Epidemic model above. All of the Ascape example models have been converted (a straightforward process) from their intial Ascape incarnations. For licensing reasons (they're BSD, not EPL) we can't host them directly on the Eclipse site. You can get the projects in two ways:
Once you've downloaded the projects, open up the src folder and navigate to the Java files for the actual models. For example, to run Conway's Life, you'll want src/ Right-click on the Java file and select "Execute". There are many models to explore! (It's not always obvious which Java files are for models, so you may have to poke around a bit. We need to put together a catalog here. Another nice opportunity for user contributions.)