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<project default="run" name="org.eclipse.amp.releng/build.xml - Run an AMP build using the Athena CBI">
<target name="run">
1. You must check out the following projects to your workspace:
2. You must provide Ant-Contrib in one of four places:
${thirdPartyJarsDir}/ant-contrib.jar (path can be customized below)
/usr/share/java/ant-contrib.jar (may require a symlink)
You can install Ant-Contrib 1.0b2 via RPM, or download it here:
3. If your project's sources are in SVN, you must unpack this zip into the basebuilder project's plugins/ folder:
4. To run automated JUnit tests headlessly, you will require Xvfb or Xvnc; without this,
UI tests will be launched into your current OS session (ie., on view port :0) and you may
inadvertently interact with them. (Non-UI tests can be run without fear of accidental
interaction and do not have this requirement.)
5. You must also ensure that the path specified for Java, and the version of Eclipse stated in
are correct for your machine. Edit these properties to suit your needs. Note that JAVA*_HOME variables are for
convenience, set in common.releng/ You can override them in your, or define
different defaults in, if you intend to run more than one build on this server.
<!-- load properties and set timestamp for the build -->
<property file="" />
<format property="buildTimestamp" pattern="yyyyMMddHHmm" />
<switch value="${buildType}">
<case value="N">
<property name="buildTypeQualifier" value=" (Nightly)"/>
<case value="I">
<property name="buildTypeQualifier" value=" (Interim)"/>
<case value="M">
<property name="buildTypeQualifier" value=" (Milestone)"/>
<property name="buildTypeQualifier" value=""/>
to build from HEAD, uncomment these lines
<property name="forceContextQualifier" value="v${buildTimestamp}" />
<property name="fetchTag" value="HEAD" />
<!-- calculate workspaceDir as parent of this folder, the project's .releng folder (relengBuilderDir) -->
<property name="relengBuilderDir" value="${basedir}" />
<dirname file="${relengBuilderDir}" property="workspaceDir" />
can be simple path, eg.,
${writableBuildRoot}/${buildType}${buildTimestamp} or longer, eg.,
${writableBuildRoot}/${topprojectName}/${projectName}/downloads/drops/${version}/${buildType}${buildTimestamp} or
<property name="buildDir" value="${writableBuildRoot}/${buildType}${buildTimestamp}" />
<!-- invoke a new Eclipse process and launch the build from the common.releng folder -->
<property name="relengCommonBuilderDir" value="${workspaceDir}/org.eclipse.dash.common.releng" />
<ant antfile="${relengCommonBuilderDir}/buildAll.xml" target="runEclipse" dir="${relengCommonBuilderDir}" />