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11 days[releng] Update set and versions for 2022-12.HEADmasterEd Merks3-2/+9
2022-09-10[releng] Update to build for 2022-12 (EMF/XSD 2.32)Ed Merks4-4/+4
2022-09-08[releng] Reset version baselines for 2.32.0.Ed Merks2-5/+5
2022-06-16[releng] Bump versionsR2_31_0Ed Merks6-6/+6
2022-06-16[releng] Reset version baselinesEd Merks2-5/+5
2022-06-16[releng] Prepare for 2022-09Ed Merks1-0/+14
2022-06-10[releng] Remove Merks1-2/+0
2022-03-17[releng] Update the builds to support 2022-06 (2.30).R2_30_0Ed Merks6-6/+6
2022-03-12[releng] Reset version baseline for 2.30.Ed Merks2-5/+5
2021-12-16[releng] Update versions for doc changes.R2_29_0Ed Merks6-6/+6
2021-12-16[releng] Reset version baseline for 2022-03Ed Merks4-29/+29
2021-12-08[releng] Update XSD.setup for 2022-03Ed Merks1-0/+14
2021-09-24[releng] Reset version baselineR2_28_0Ed Merks23-97/+97
2021-06-17[releng] Reset version baseline for 2.27.R2_27_0Ed Merks2-5/+5
2021-06-17[releng] Prepare for 2021-09Ed Merks1-0/+7
2021-04-27[releng] Make Ecore Tools installation optional in the setup.R2_26_0Ed Merks1-1/+2
2021-04-05[572511] Fix broken/dysfunctional links in XSD documentationEd Merks4-33/+1
2021-03-19[releng] More updates to enable builds for 2021-06Ed Merks8-11/+11
2021-03-18[Releng] Updates to prepare for 2020-06.Ed Merks1-0/+7
2021-03-17[releng] Minor updates to the contributing instructionsEd Merks1-6/+6
2020-12-30[releng] Increment versions.R2_25_0Ed Merks6-6/+6
2020-12-30[releng] Reset version baseline for 2021-03 XSD 2.25Ed Merks2-5/+5
2020-12-30[releng] Updates for 2021-03 XSD 2.25Ed Merks1-0/+7
2020-09-17[releng] Prepare for 2020-12 target platform and increment versions.R2_24_0Ed Merks6-6/+6
2020-09-17[releng] Reset version baselines for 2.24.Ed Merks2-17/+17
2020-09-17[Releng] Prepare setup for 2020-12.Ed Merks1-5/+7
2020-07-23[565408] Use of XSD as a library, avoiding transitive dependenciesR2_23_0Ed Merks9-18/+18
2020-07-01[releng] Fix deprecation warnings and reflective access warnings forEd Merks5-21/+23
2020-06-30[releng] Eliminate warnings and version problems.Ed Merks11-12/+11
2020-06-21[releng] Reset version baseline for 2.23.Ed Merks2-5/+5
2020-06-21[releng] Update setup for 2020-09 development.Ed Merks1-4/+12
2020-03-24[releng] Specify tycho version for tycho-source-feature-plugin.R2_22_0Ed Merks1-0/+1
2020-03-24[releng] Rework how ant examples are copied and used by the tools.testEd Merks9-6/+51
2020-03-19[releng] Reset version baseline for 2.22.Ed Merks2-5/+5
2020-03-19[releng] Update setup for XSD 2.22 for 2020-06Ed Merks1-1/+15
2020-01-27[releng] Increment versions.R2_21_0Ed Merks6-6/+6
2019-12-20[releng] Reset version baseline for 2.21Ed Merks2-9/+9
2019-12-03[releng] Prepare for 2.20 release.Ed Merks4-4/+4
2019-11-17[releng] Regenerate with latest generatorR2_20_0Ed Merks41-44/+44
2019-09-18[releng] Update setup for 2019-12Ed Merks1-0/+7
2019-09-11[releng] Reset version baseline for 2.20Ed Merks2-5/+5
2019-06-25[releng] Increment documentation versionR2_19_0Ed Merks6-6/+6
2019-06-25[releng] Reset version baseline for 2.19Ed Merks4-29/+29
2019-06-24[releng] Update setup for 2019-09Ed Merks1-0/+7
2019-03-23[releng] Fix mistake in license feature.propertiesR2_18_0Ed Merks19-26/+26
2019-03-21[releng] Increment versionsEd Merks6-6/+6
2019-03-21[releng] Update setups for 2.18 development targeting 2019-06Ed Merks1-2/+9
2019-03-21[releng] Reset version baseline for starting 2.18Ed Merks2-5/+5
2018-12-20[releng] Increment versions.R2_17_0Ed Merks6-6/+6
2018-12-20[releng] Reset version baseline for starting 2.17Ed Merks2-13/+25

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