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Bug414884[414884] [NPPR] NPPR should offer GitHub as an option Wayne Beaton5 years
masterTest the forge identity correctly.Wayne Beaton119 min.
quicksilverFix project activity layoutEric Poirier7 months
solsticeupdate project pageChristopher Guindon4 years
stagingFix project activity layoutEric Poirier7 months
wbeaton/460815460815: Project Activity News is empty Wayne Beaton3 years
V2007_09_13projects-2007_09_13.tar.gz  projects-2007_09_13.tar.xz  bfreeman11 years
PRE_129862projects-PRE_129862.tar.gz  projects-PRE_129862.tar.xz  bfreeman13 years
PRE_129861projects-PRE_129861.tar.gz  projects-PRE_129861.tar.xz  bfreeman13 years
PRE_103projects-PRE_103.tar.gz  projects-PRE_103.tar.xz  bfreeman13 years
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119 min.Test the forge identity correctly.HEADmasterWayne Beaton1-1/+1
16 hoursAccount for unspecified country information.Wayne Beaton1-1/+1
20 hoursAdd a Committers by Country chart.Wayne Beaton1-0/+34
38 hoursCQ MappingsWayne Beaton1-0/+2
7 daysUpdate more CQ MappingsWayne Beaton1-0/+172
12 daysUpdate CQ Mappings.Wayne Beaton1-4/+135
2018-10-10Add some new KPI queries.Wayne Beaton6-0/+264
2018-09-18Add CQ mappings.Wayne Beaton1-0/+63
2018-09-11Bug 499704 - We need a permanent link for the bylaws documentChristopher Guindon7-2316/+855
2018-09-10[326623] Remove references to projectInfoData.Wayne Beaton6-702/+9