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authorbnettleton2010-04-09 15:20:41 +0000
committerbnettleton2010-04-09 15:20:41 +0000
commit83f8193e386912d171e38416125494bc1c9cc242 (patch)
parentf0208a25e0fb1586c482e0387330568d55513173 (diff)
Initial Updates to Gemini Naming Project Website
4 files changed, 37 insertions, 57 deletions
diff --git a/_projectCommon.php b/_projectCommon.php
index 22e55dc..785accf 100755
--- a/_projectCommon.php
+++ b/_projectCommon.php
@@ -25,16 +25,16 @@
# $Nav->setLinkList(array());
# Break the navigation into sections
- $Nav->addNavSeparator("MyProject", "/default");
- $Nav->addCustomNav("Download", "/project/download.php", "_self", 3);
- $Nav->addCustomNav("Documentation", "/project/documentation.php", "_blank", 3);
- $Nav->addCustomNav("Support", "/project/support.php", "_blank", 3);
- $Nav->addCustomNav("Getting Involved", "/project/developers", "_blank", 3);
+ $Nav->addNavSeparator("Gemini Naming", "/naming");
+ $Nav->addCustomNav("Download", "/naming/download.php", "_self", 3);
+ $Nav->addCustomNav("Documentation", "/naming/documentation.php", "_blank", 3);
+ $Nav->addCustomNav("Support", "/naming/support.php", "_blank", 3);
+ $Nav->addCustomNav("Getting Involved", "/naming/developers", "_blank", 3);
# Define keywords, author and title here, or in each PHP page specifically
- $pageKeywords = "xtext, dsl, modeling, domain specific language, textual";
- $pageAuthor = "Your name";
- # $pageTitle = "Xtext";
+ $pageKeywords = "eclipse, project, osgi, naming , gemini";
+ $pageAuthor = "Bob Nettleton";
+ $pageTitle = "Gemini Naming";
# top navigation bar
diff --git a/download.php b/download.php
index a4c9eb1..95d5c65 100644
--- a/download.php
+++ b/download.php
@@ -10,24 +10,27 @@
- $pageTitle = "MyProject - Download";
- $App->AddExtraHtmlHeader('<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="/default/style.css"/>');
+ $pageTitle = "Gemini Naming - Downloads";
+ $App->AddExtraHtmlHeader('<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="/naming/style.css"/>');
$html = <<<EOHTML
<div id="midcolumn">
<p>All downloads are provided under the terms and conditions of the <a href="/legal/epl/notice.php">Eclipse Foundation Software User Agreement</a> unless otherwise specified.</p>
-<h3>Galileo - Eclipse 3.5</h3>
-<p><b>Update site:</b><br />
-<b>ZIP file: </b><a href="/downloads/download.php?file=/myproject/"></a> (10 MiB)</p>
-<h3>Helios - Eclipse 3.6 (unreleased)</h3>
-<p><b>Update site:</b><br />
-<b>ZIP file: </b><a href="/downloads/download.php?file=/myproject/"></a> (10 MiB)</p>
+<h2>No downloads are currently available.</h2>
+<div id="rightcolumn">
+<div class="sideitem">
+ <h6>Incubation</h6>
+ <div align="center"><a href="/projects/what-is-incubation.php"><img
+ align="center" src="/images/egg-incubation.png"
+ border="0" alt="Incubation" /></a></div>
+ </div>
# Generate the web page
$App->generatePage($theme, $Menu, $Nav, $pageAuthor, $pageKeywords, $pageTitle, $html);
diff --git a/index.php b/index.php
index ab12bd1..9673f1d 100755
--- a/index.php
+++ b/index.php
@@ -16,9 +16,9 @@
$localVersion = false;
# Define these here, or in _projectCommon.php for site-wide values
- $pageKeywords = "eclipse, project";
- $pageAuthor = "Your name";
- $pageTitle = "My project home";
+ $pageKeywords = "eclipse, project, osgi, naming , gemini";
+ $pageAuthor = "Bob Nettleton";
+ $pageTitle = "Gemini Naming";
// # Paste your HTML content between the EOHTML markers!
diff --git a/pages/_index.html b/pages/_index.html
index b6287c5..1244277 100644
--- a/pages/_index.html
+++ b/pages/_index.html
@@ -13,12 +13,14 @@
<div id="midcolumn">
-<h3>MyProject - use this header describe what it does</h3>
+<h3>Gemini Naming</h3>
+<h4>Modular Naming Support</h4>
<div id="introText">
-<p class="left">MyProject is a framework for development of cool stuff and
-more cool stuff. Just describe your project here very briefly. Use the center
-section below for a screenshot, a screenshot collage or a screencast.</p>
+<p class="left">The “Gemini Naming” project implements support for using the Java Naming and Directory Interface (also known as JNDI)
+ within an OSGi environment. This project provides the following: a standard mechanism for publishing and locating JNDI Service Provider implementations
+ within an OSGi framework, support for the existing “traditional” model of JNDI clients, a new service-based model for interacting with JNDI providers,
+ and the ability to access OSGi services using “osgi”-based URL lookups. </p>
<p class="right"> This project was just provisioned. You can see the proposal
<a href="/proposals/gemini">here</a>
@@ -36,33 +38,17 @@ section below for a screenshot, a screenshot collage or a screencast.</p>
<h3>...and yet powerful</h3>
-<div id="feature_1">
-<h4>Some cool feature</h4>
-<p>MyProject has this really cool feature that you describe here in few words, just as a teaser.</p>
-<div id="feature_2">
-<h4>Another Feature</h4>
-<p>When working with MyProject, great things happen, and one of them is described here.</p>
-<div id="feature_3">
-<h4>Another Feature</h4>
-<p>When working with MyProject, great things happen, and one of them is described here.</p>
-<div id="feature_4">
-<h4>User Experience</h4>
-Experiment with style.css to create columns for text, just the way you want it. This section
-is a bit wider and can contain more words, even small logos or graphics to describe a neat feature in more detail.</p>
<div id="feature_more">
-<h4>and much more...</h4>
-<p>Read the MyProject <a href="/project/documentation.php">documentation</a> and join the discussion at the <a href="">forum</a> to understand how powerful MyProject is.</p>
-<p> Want to know more? <a href="/projects/project_summary.php?projectid=rt.gemini.naming">About This Project</a>
+<p>The Gemini documentation (coming soon) will give more details about the project.</p>
+<p>Join the discussion at the <a href="">forum</a> to ask questions or find out answers from questions that others have asked.</p>
+<p>Want to know more?
+<br><a href="/projects/project_summary.php?projectid=rt.gemini.naming">About Gemini Naming</a></br>
@@ -71,21 +57,12 @@ is a bit wider and can contain more words, even small logos or graphics to descr
<h3>Current Status</h3>
-<p>Update this section occasionally to let your community know what's new and exciting with your project....</p>
+<p>The source code is in the process of legal approval for acceptance into Eclipse.</p>
<div id="headlines">
<h3>New and Noteworthy</h3>
-<p>... or a link to your new and noteworthy.</p>
-<div id="headlines">
-<h3>Headlines on the web</h3>
-<p>Project headlines...</p>
+<p>Stay tuned for Gemini Naming announcements coming soon!</p>
-<div id="headlines">
-<h3>Another announcement</h3>
-<p>MyProject is pleased to announce...</p>
</div> \ No newline at end of file

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