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masterBug 534758 - [code mining] Activate the target platform via the GEAlexander Fedorov9 hours
R4_6news-R4_6.tar.gz  news-R4_6.tar.xz  news-R4_6.zip  Markus Keller2 years
R4_5news-R4_5.tar.gz  news-R4_5.tar.xz  news-R4_5.zip  Markus Keller3 years
R4_4news-R4_4.tar.gz  news-R4_4.tar.xz  news-R4_4.zip  Markus Keller4 years
R4_3news-R4_3.tar.gz  news-R4_3.tar.xz  news-R4_3.zip  Dani Megert5 years
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9 hoursBug 534758 - [code mining] Activate the target platform via the GEHEADmasterAlexander Fedorov2-0/+9
37 hours[Bug 348857] [content assist] Pref to ignore autoinsertion trigger charsMickael Istria2-0/+12
6 daysAdding Bug Number commentsKalyan Prasad Tatavarthi1-5/+5
6 daysmodified the invalid ids to removed the spaces in the ids.Kalyan Prasad Tatavarthi1-5/+5
6 daysBug 540119 - Show quickfixes for error "main-only project with test-onlyTill Brychcy3-3/+17
10 daysBug 525632: [JUnit][quick assist] Offer Quick Assists for the creationNoopur Gupta2-3/+3
12 daysBug 525632 - [quick assist] Support creation of JUnit test case.Roland Grunberg2-2/+10
2018-10-31N&N for Bug 539244 - Adding an interface not handled Vikas Chandra2-0/+17
2018-10-24Fix Typo as well as adjust size of few imagesKalyan Prasad Tatavarthi6-13/+13
2018-10-24Bug 535671 - [10][extract local] "Extract Local Variable" needs "ExtractKalyan Prasad Tatavarthi2-0/+11