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+ <h1><?php print $pageTitle; ?></h1>
<p>The Eclipse Foundation relies on the support of our members and contributions from the user
community to service and grow the Eclipse ecosystem. We encourage companies that make extensive
use of Eclipse technology to support the Eclipse community through the Eclipse Corporate Sponsor
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contribution of goods and services to the Eclipse Foundation. There are three tiers of
sponsorship: 1) Platinum, 2) Gold and 3) Silver; each tier representing the level of annual
sponsorship to the Eclipse Foundation.
<h4>Platinum Sponsorship</h4>
<li>Annual contribution of at least US$100,000</li>
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<h3>How to Become a Corporate Sponsor</h3>
<li><h4>Step 1</h4>Determine the level of sponsorship your company would like to make.
<li><h4>Step 2</h4>Contact the <a href="">Eclipse Foundation</a> to
determine method of payment. In-kind contributions will require previous agreement from the
Eclipse Foundation. Please note that is Eclipse Foundation is a not-for-profit corporation.
Contributions or gifts to the Eclipse Foundation Inc. are not tax deductible as charitable
<li><h4>Step 3</h4>Corporate sponsors, by signing our <a
>logo agreement</a>, agree to have their corporate logo listed on the Eclipse Corporate Sponsor

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