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[164407] Renaming JSP causes content assist to fail
[279146] AbstractNotifier's getAdapterFor method may return inconsistent results [283365] JSP 2.1 should accept trimDirectiveWhitespaces attribute in @page directive [273002] [api] WTP DOM ElementImpl returns wrong Number of Nodes for Wildcard search [255451] CCE caused by using DND on the 'Design' tab [209737] onload, onunload, onblur, onfocus scripting events are not considered script event partitions [296022] [validation] files outside of workspace can cause NPE during validation [232658] The IANA field on Web/XML File preference pages lacks bacground on OS X [176425] [editor] Commenting CSS snippets [225763] Cleanup should have option to add XML Header Declaration [295127] DOM Level 3 isSameNode(Node) and compareDocumentPosition(Node) not Implemented
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