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BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
Bug351328_ServerConsoleAdopt the new consoleLazar Kirchev9 years
bug_379157_legacyRemoteRESOLVED - bug 378533: Support opening of files in archives view Miles Parker10 years
feature/329198329198: Support PDE/Equinox bundles in Eclipse IDE GianMaria Romanato6 years
feature/478709478709: Support multi-selection in the artefact ordering section of thegromanato6 years
feature/486353486353: Virgo 3.7 and 3.6.x does not support native library on WindowsGianMaria Romanato5 years
feature/495981Add Neon Launch configurationGianMaria Romanato5 years
feature/496391Bug 496391 - Virgo Tools should compile against NeonGianMaria Romanato5 years
feature/499979499979: Deployment of nested plans fails GianMaria Romanato5 years
feature/509803509803: Runtime wizard should use relative paths when updatingGianMaria Romanato5 years
feature/509809509809: Remove SpringSource Enterprise Bundle Repository browser fromGianMaria Romanato5 years
feature/510327510327: Virgo server reports on Windows 10 GianMaria Romanato5 years
feature/526469526469: Move the Virgo Tooling to the new EPL v2.0 GianMaria Romanato3 years
feature/537017537017: Virgo Tools do not work on PhotonGianMaria Romanato3 years
feature/561574561574: Virgo Tools do not work on Eclipse 2019-06 or laterGianMaria Romanato20 months
masterBUILD - prepare 1.5.3 developmentGianMaria Romanato20 months
p2-provisioned371034: Unable to add dependencies in the manifest editor's DependenciesLeo Dos Santos10 years
singleVirgoServerType373608: Handle missing or incorrectly configured Runtime gracefullyMiles Parker10 years
support-java-7-profileAdd support for Virgo 3.7GianMaria Romanato6 years
1.5.1.RELEASEorg.eclipse.virgo.ide-1.5.1.RELEASE.tar.gz  org.eclipse.virgo.ide-1.5.1.RELEASE.tar.xz  GianMaria Romanato3 years
1.5.0.R01-RELEASEorg.eclipse.virgo.ide-1.5.0.R01-RELEASE.tar.gz  org.eclipse.virgo.ide-1.5.0.R01-RELEASE.tar.xz  GianMaria Romanato5 years

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