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BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
2020-06server: serialize ITmfXyEntryModel specific attributesBernd Hufmann2 weeks
masterChange system.out.println to Activator.logWarning or Activator.logInfoEstelle Foisy5 hours
stable-6.3trace-server: Return all created experiments not only opened experimentsPatrick Tasse23 months
stable-7.0trace-server: modify visibility of WebApplication methodsFrancesco Robino20 months
stable-7.1Revert "scripting: Add messages that EASE is not working in 6.3"Bernd Hufmann17 months
stable-7.2server: Add swagger doc to getMarkerSetsMarco Miller14 months
stable-7.3releng: Update 7.3 branch with release dependencies of 2022-06 releaseBernd Hufmann6 months
stable-8.0releng: update versions to 0.2.0Patrick Tasse8 months
stable-8.1releng: update versions to 0.3.0Patrick Tasse5 months
stable-8.2ftrace: fix trace entry size computation when header len is 0Fabrizio Iannetti6 weeks
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
5 hoursChange system.out.println to Activator.logWarning or Activator.logInfoHEADmasterEstelle Foisy11-38/+61
5 hoursChange e.printStackTrace() to Activator.logError(e.getMessage(), e)Estelle Foisy24-61/+95
2023-01-14server: serialize ITmfXyEntryModel specific attributesBernd Hufmann5-10/+261
2023-01-13server: Add swagger doc for optional XY default entry flagBernd Hufmann3-1/+63
2023-01-13Change Random to SecureRandomEstelle Foisy4-9/+9
2023-01-11filters.ui.tests: Remove the unresolvable bundlesMarco Miller1-7/+1
2023-01-11filters.ui.tests: Fix FBLACompletionAllTests formatMarco Miller1-50/+43
2023-01-11filters.ui.tests: Fix recent Eclipse build errorsMarco Miller2-2/+2
2023-01-11releng: Add target for 2021-06/e4.20 dependencies & legacy product filesBernd Hufmann3-0/+670
2022-12-23ftrace: fix trace entry size computation when header len is 0Fabrizio Iannetti1-3/+8

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