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2021-09-30Bug 575916: Disassembly update with Memory changed eventsDeep Amin1-0/+36
Change-Id: I38a596a32fd990c9d88234dcaea5a158fe6a685c Signed-off-by: Deep Amin <>
2021-08-27Bug 575341 - Pin Memory Browser to Debug ContextSneha C1-0/+5
- enables pinning of the Memory Browser view to the selected debug context. - this action was previously disabled for the Memory Browser view
2021-07-27TCF Debugger: improved implementation of "Delay stack trace update until ↵Eugene Tarassov5-78/+121
last step"
2021-07-19TCF Debugger: when connecting, keep trying to discover remote agent for up ↵Eugene Tarassov1-39/+53
to 30 sec
2021-07-13Bug 574804 - Modules view refresh results in Debug view showing stale data ↵Eugene Tarassov4-48/+45
if the stack trace limit is enabled
2021-07-12TCF Tests: better error reporting in the Expressions testEugene Tarassov1-39/+55
2021-06-17TCF Docs: updated TCF service descriptions1.7.01.7Eugene Tarassov1-0/+2
2021-05-25Bug 568689 - On-demand RunControl.getState from EclipseEugene Tarassov9-52/+152
Added RunControl.getMinState, which does not include PC. Replaced getState with getMinState where PC is not needed. If target does not support getMinState, it falls back to getState. Signed-off-by: Eugene Tarassov <>
2021-05-20Bug 573663 - Handle testCanReset exception while disconnecting a sessionDeep Amin1-11/+15
Change-Id: I35e4e26a1e1f65c52f75e53cefea1923dd2596d0 Signed-off-by: Deep Amin <>
2021-05-11Bug 573480 - RunToLine should add breakpoint only on active contextDeep Amin1-1/+1
2021-04-29TCF Debugger: fixed presentation of integers with size > 16 bytesEugene Tarassov1-1/+2
2021-04-23Bug 572880: show opcodes in disassembly view as sequence of bytesMarc Ernst1-8/+33
Change-Id: I95cbd97172b4563485ea4d86b3bc47a44192c51c
2021-03-30Bug 572214 - "move to line " command goes to the wrong lineEugene Tarassov1-42/+66
2021-03-30TCF Debugger: fixed: sometimes Cast To Array command is missing in ↵Eugene Tarassov1-109/+93
right-click menu
2021-03-30TCF Core: LineNumbers service: fixed support of next statement addressEugene Tarassov1-2/+34
2021-03-30TCF Debugger: code cleanupEugene Tarassov1-29/+8
2021-03-09TCF Core: improved implementation of ChannelHTTPEugene Tarassov1-18/+35
2021-03-08Fixed FindBugs warningsEugene Tarassov1-12/+16
2021-03-02TCF Tests: fixed test failure caused by address space layout randomization ↵Eugene Tarassov1-3/+23
on Linux
2021-01-29TCF Debugger: fixed Coverity warningsEugene Tarassov1-20/+34
2020-12-09TCF/CDT launch delegate reworked to use TCF own UI instead of CDT UIEugene Tarassov6-515/+82
The rework needed because of changes in CDT launch UI, which are not backward compatible
2020-12-04Fixed reference to deprecated class org.eclipse.cdt.launch.ui.CMainTabEugene Tarassov3-81/+95
2020-11-17TCF Debugger: added launch configuration attribute to enable/disable ↵Eugene Tarassov2-11/+22
2020-11-11TCF Debugger: fixed incorrect "The symbol file not found..." message in the ↵Eugene Tarassov2-51/+54
Symbol File dialog The incorrect message is shown when the file is stored in the Eclipse workspace
2020-11-11TCF Debugger: fixed regression: IMemoryMap.PROP_FLAGS=null breaks the memory ↵Eugene Tarassov1-7/+5
map GUI
2020-11-10Bug 568451 - BaseAddress for the MemoryMapEugene Tarassov2-50/+138
2020-11-10TCF Debugger: fixed code formattingEugene Tarassov1-18/+17
2020-10-21TCF Tests: Terminals tests fail when bash uses "CSI ? 2004 h" escape sequenceEugene Tarassov1-8/+11
2020-10-16Bug 567106 - Could we have a fix to solve the "0" line issue as the GDBEugene Tarassov1-2/+7
2020-09-24TCF Debugger: added update of debug views on disconnectEugene Tarassov4-62/+74
2020-09-18TCF Debugger: fixed display of expression type class and size when the ↵Eugene Tarassov3-47/+84
expression cannot be evaluated
2020-08-20TCF Debugger: fixed handling of console input/output file options in the ↵Eugene Tarassov2-3/+100
Debug Configurations dialog
2020-08-12Bug 565993 - Modules view with dedicated module name columnEugene Tarassov2-3/+17
2020-08-10Bug 565720 - Automatic disassembly view refresh with memory map eventsDeep Amin1-0/+24
Change-Id: Ibd121e6a22a2156e7112b1687d01a9ecf70a2f14 Signed-off-by: Deep Amin <>
2020-06-18TCF Debugger: better display of register descriptionsEugene Tarassov1-1/+1
2020-06-18TCF Tests: added test for register changed notificationEugene Tarassov1-1/+30
2020-06-18TCF Debugger: better display of register descriptionsEugene Tarassov2-1/+4
2020-06-18TCF Debugger: more accurate use of parentheses in generated expressionsEugene Tarassov2-102/+146
2020-04-02TCF Debugger: restrict reset command visibilitySanimir Agovic1-10/+12
And fix some formatting. Signed-off-by: Sanimir Agovic <>
2020-04-01TCF Debugger: improved Symbol File dialogEugene Tarassov6-35/+89
Don't show "The symbol file not found on the local host" if connected to remote agent
2020-03-27TCF Debugger: added UUID to memory region propertiesEugene Tarassov2-11/+8
UUID is generated when user adds entry in the Symbol Files dialog. It allows GUI to identify user entry even when it looks identical to an entry from another client or from the target.
2020-03-26Bug 560773 - Symbol Files dialog / launch configuration tab ↵Eugene Tarassov3-339/+213
(MemoryMapWidget) needs UI work
2020-03-23TCF Core: ignore InterruptedException in TCF events thread during shutdownEugene Tarassov1-1/+3
2020-03-23TCF Debugger: Fixed: read-only text fields look enabled on GTKEugene Tarassov7-22/+61
2020-03-17TCF Debugger: save table column widths on Resize event instead of DisposeEugene Tarassov4-24/+59
On Linux GTK, col.getWidth() fails when called from Dispose handler
2020-03-11TCF Debugger: added code to save/restore column widths in table viewersEugene Tarassov10-123/+183
2020-02-20TCF Tests: more of MemoryMap tests, longer timeoutsEugene Tarassov3-17/+72
2020-02-08Releng: update to EPL 2.0 (leave EDL 1.0 unchanged)Eugene Tarassov393-786/+786
2020-02-05Bug 559136 - add flags to control stop of context when using memory serviceEugene Tarassov1-2/+26
2019-11-22TCF Tests: added tests for TLS variableEugene Tarassov1-3/+12

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