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2008-12-161. TCF Debugger: implemented detail pane in Expressions and Variables views.eutarass21-93/+612
2. Added some missing copyright notices 3. TCF Agent: Result of Expressions service "evaluate" command now includes execution context ID
2008-12-14fixed parsing of floating point numbersmischarf1-1/+3
2008-12-11Fixed: TCF Launch Configuration dialog: target selection is not persistent ↵eutarass6-35/+85
if target is behind a proxy Fixed: cannot connect debugger over TCF Proxy - error "Cannot locate peer"
2008-12-09Better values for UDP packet size limitseutarass1-3/+4
2008-12-08Bug 257670: Why does TCF have its own implementation of ReadOnlyCollection ↵eutarass8-221/+5
and ReadOnlyMap?
2008-12-08Implemented support for TCF channel proxying (aka value-add, redirection) in ↵eutarass15-151/+512
Java. Fixed navigation through proxy agents in TCF Launch Configuration dialog. Fixed few bugs in discovery and proxy code. Renamed ERROR_CAUSE_BY to ERROR_CAUSED_BY for consistency.
2008-11-27[246996] Implemented getAllProperties method.adushistova1-41/+93
2008-11-14Bug 247164: [tcf] a lot of file/directory properties are not supportedeutarass2-5/+27
2008-11-11LocatorProxy: fixed a bug: peer info was not removed from the list on ↵eutarass1-1/+2
peerRemoved event
2008-11-11JSON: implemented support for floating point numberseutarass1-3/+38
2008-11-11TCFTask: implemented get() with timeout, added comments for all public methodseutarass1-14/+107
2008-11-041. Implemented redirection of remote process standard IO streams to console ↵eutarass8-26/+250
view. 2. Minor improvements in discovery protocol implementation.
2008-10-24Changed TCFFileInputStream and TCFFileOutputStream to support variable ↵eutarass3-65/+115
buffer sizes. Improved IFileSystem service tests.
2008-10-21Bug 249841: Changes in TCF discovery protocol: UDP instead of TCP in slave modeeutarass6-176/+638
2008-10-14TCF debugger launch configuration: allow to run local exe file without ↵eutarass3-6/+29
specifying a project name
2008-10-14TCF debugger: added memory view supporteutarass12-62/+505
2008-10-14Bug fixed in TCF launch configuration dialog: assert when a peer is removedeutarass1-0/+1
2008-10-14Improved TCFTask class to support null as result valueeutarass1-6/+17
2008-10-02Bug 243763: [tcf] Possibility for the java implementation to act as a servereutarass6-21/+220
2008-09-291. Extended IErrorReport interface: now error report details are accessible ↵eutarass15-202/+261
from TCF clients 2. TCF Debugger UI: Got rid of meaningless method TCFNode.invalidateNode() 3. TCF Debugger UI: improved cache performance
2008-09-25New extension point: - for ↵eutarass26-792/+2072
integration with development tools. New plug-in: - contains TCF/CDT integration code. TCF Launch Configuration is improved: now supports: default values from current CDT project, search of executable files in CDT projects, download of executable file to remote target.
2008-09-22Better support for TCF Agent portability:eutarass4-24/+42
1. Changed TCF Agent Makefile to use different output directories for different build targets. 2. Agent binary files are now created in "<OS name>/<CPU name>/<Debug|Release>" directories. 3. Changed agent CDT project file to include multiple build configurations: Cygwin Debug, Cygwin Release, Msys Debug, etc.
2008-09-15New TCF service defined and implemented: Symbolseutarass15-442/+898
TCF debugger is now aware of object types and can show children of struct, array and pointer objects in Variables and Expressions views. TCF agent: updated Windows agent build environment to Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 Express Edition.
2008-09-06TCF Agent: Got rid of libelf dependency. Use mmap() to access ELF sections data.eutarass1-16/+5
2008-09-04TCF Agent: improved handling of debug info, including DWARF location ↵eutarass5-40/+46
expressions support, etc. Debugger Variables view now properly shows local variables for both Windows and Linux DBGHELP.DLL is now searched and loaded (if available) at run-time
2008-08-29TCF agent: Implemented reading, caching and usage of ELF/DWARF debug ↵eutarass1-1/+1
2008-08-20Bug 243768 [tcf] Possibility to programatically add new services to the java ↵eutarass6-35/+167
2008-08-19TCF Agent: debug services now support and use application data types ↵eutarass4-2/+51
information (work in progress) Multiple minor bug fixes
2008-08-15Bug 244287 Debug new configuration reports "connecting" forever in case of ↵eutarass3-8/+29
incorrect path
2008-08-11More functionality of Expressions service is implemented.eutarass18-120/+533
Expressions view is now supported by TCF debugger prototype. Fixed build error on CygWin
2008-07-28EPL to EPL+EDL for Agentmoberhuber1-0/+1
2008-07-28EPL to EPL+EDL for Daytime Agent Examplemoberhuber1-4/+6
2008-07-28Msys support for agent to Makefilemoberhuber1-1/+6
2008-07-28EPL to EPL+EDL for Daytime Agent Examplemoberhuber5-20/+119
2008-07-28EPL to EPL+EDL for Agentmoberhuber1-1/+6
2008-07-23TCF debugger prototype: improved generation of model deltas - now deltas ↵eutarass12-90/+204
have valid index and children count
2008-07-22TCF debugger prototype: variables view supporteutarass12-45/+385
2008-07-211. Added new TCF service: Expressions. The service supports remote ↵eutarass15-26/+989
evaluation of expressions and provides access to program variables. 2. Added tests for Expression service. 3. TCF agent: changed code to use stream_read/stream_write macros everywhere.
2008-07-10TCF debugger UI prototype: improved handling of model deltaseutarass6-76/+46
2008-07-10TCF tests are split into several classes and moved to non-UI plug-in. ↵eutarass19-1637/+1977
Removed Eclipse dependency (ILog) from TCF core. Now TCF test suit can run from command line without Eclipse.
2008-07-091. Added Protocol.invokeLater() method that dispatches an event with given delayeutarass27-913/+1635
2. Moved source level stepping and related logic to non-UI plug-in, made it reusable. 3. Added source level stepping support into DSF integration.
2008-07-02Updated docs to reflect Windows support by TCF agenteutarass1-15/+7
2008-07-02Fixed source lookup in TCF/DSF integrationeutarass8-58/+121
2008-07-021. Workaround of deadlock condition in DSFeutarass4-116/+42
2. Removed unused interface TCFLaunch.TerminateListener
2008-06-30Fixed: TCF tests could generate false error report like "invalid ↵eutarass1-9/+12
contextCreated event..."
2008-06-30Bug 238564: [tcf] Migrate to TM 3.0 / DSF 1.0eutarass1-10/+12
2008-06-30Bug 238564: [tcf] Migrate to TM 3.0 / DSF 1.0eutarass6-120/+84
2008-06-27[cleanup] Get rid of unused importsmoberhuber1-2/+0
2008-06-261. Bug 225078: [tcf][api] Add API markup to TCF Javadocs where extend / ↵eutarass16-31/+70
implement is allowed 2. More TCF API comments
2008-06-26Added -Wmissing-prototypes in daytime example makefileeutarass1-1/+1

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