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2012-01-20TCF Test: fixed: sometimes agent test fails with "Address already in use" error.Eugene Tarassov1-1/+2
2012-01-20Merge branch 'master' of ssh:// Tarassov8-14/+79
2012-01-20TCF Tests: added tests for detach command.Eugene Tarassov4-13/+36
2012-01-20TCF Debugger: fixed: NullPointerException in the Properties view when debug ↵Eugene Tarassov1-6/+4
connection is closed.
2012-01-20Target Explorer: Add common context help action to editor toolbar'sUwe Stieber7-5/+70
2012-01-20TCF Python: Fix typos in FileSystemProxyAnton Leherbauer1-9/+9
2012-01-19Merge branch 'master' of ssh:// Tarassov27-493/+802
2012-01-19TCF Debugger: added IPropertySource adapter for launches, modules and registers.Eugene Tarassov6-57/+148
2012-01-19Target Explore: Remove a debug line.William Chen1-1/+0
2012-01-19Target Explorer: Fixed an issue when merging duplicates.William Chen1-0/+2
2012-01-19Target Explorer: 'null' argument not passed on correctly by the ScriptPadUwe Stieber2-2/+6
2012-01-19Target Explorer: Fix the issue that the refresh configuration and theWilliam Chen1-16/+0
refresh are always disabled.
2012-01-19Target Explorer: Fixed an issue to get a correct parent.William Chen4-7/+59
2012-01-19Target Explorer: Optimize refreshing scheduling algorithm.William Chen3-15/+73
2012-01-19Target Explorer: Fixed an issue that File System tree never shows upWilliam Chen4-1/+50
after the previous refactoring.
2012-01-19Target Explorer: Add comment to the queryChildren method.William Chen1-0/+5
2012-01-19Target Explorer: Correct the enablement expression ofWilliam Chen1-7/+1
2012-01-19Target Explorer: Add missing common TCF service model plug-in to featuresUwe Stieber2-0/+14
2012-01-19Target Explorer: Refactoring, extracting a CallbackMonitor class toWilliam Chen8-259/+442
monitor multiple "Done" callbacks.
2012-01-19Target Explorer: Unify the context menu layout of File System andWilliam Chen2-56/+61
Process Monitor with Target Explorer tree.
2012-01-19Target Explorer: [368801] Implement the generic IDeleteHandlerDelegateWilliam Chen5-150/+110
and integrate it to File System and Process Monitor.
2012-01-19TCF Debugger: more efficient refresh logic for the Properties view.Eugene Tarassov4-6/+12
2012-01-19TCF Debugger: got rid of some of TCFTask objects to make UI more asynchronous.Eugene Tarassov5-143/+144
2012-01-18Merge branch 'master' of ssh:// Tarassov127-937/+5272
2012-01-18TCF Debugger: removed unneeded local variable in TCFCSourceNotFoundEditor.Eugene Tarassov1-5/+3
2012-01-18TCF Debugger: removed unneeded call of firePropertyChange() in TCFDetailPane.Eugene Tarassov1-5/+1
2012-01-18Target Explorer: Moved wire type UI controls to open sourceUwe Stieber25-10/+2266
2012-01-18Target Explorer: Optimize the CommonViewerListener so that it queues theWilliam Chen2-19/+143
requests, merge the requests and schedule the refreshing more resource saved.
2012-01-18Target Explorer: Refresh the tree node progressively while expanding.William Chen3-14/+25
2012-01-18Target Explorer: Add a refresh children method to refresh its directWilliam Chen4-7/+123
children when expanding.
2012-01-18Target Explorer: Bug 361354 [TERMINALS] Add terminals quick launch button to ↵Max Weninger21-106/+521
the global toolbar
2012-01-18Target Explorer: The attempt to implement the refresh the first levelWilliam Chen6-42/+116
children upon expanding.
2012-01-18Target Explorer: Moved common TCF service model interfaces and abstract ↵Uwe Stieber23-0/+1034
implementations to open source
2012-01-18Target Explorer: Add a way to terminate (disconnect) a terminal without ↵Uwe Stieber3-6/+60
closing the tab
2012-01-18Target Explorer: Fix Terminal tabs not listening to preference changesUwe Stieber1-6/+41
2012-01-18Target Explorer: [368509] Add Properties dialog for the process list inWilliam Chen11-41/+573
Target Explorer and Process Monitor.
2012-01-17Target Explorer: Update the data model when a property change eventWilliam Chen11-80/+44
2012-01-17Target Explorer: Delete redundant classes and command definitions.William Chen4-228/+27
2012-01-17Target Explorer: Changes based on the feedbacks: refresh commandWilliam Chen9-411/+161
2012-01-17Target Explorer: Fire property change events when a file system treeWilliam Chen7-9/+64
node is changed.
2012-01-17Target Explorer: Refactoring, use getter methods instead of string typesWilliam Chen10-69/+99
to judge the type of a node.
2012-01-17Target Explorer: [368533] Rework "Refresh" contribution.William Chen3-1/+77
2012-01-17Target Explorer: Change the command id to the command refresh id.William Chen1-11/+21
2012-01-17TCF Debugger: added support for context queries in source path mapping.Eugene Tarassov7-131/+222
2012-01-17TCF Debugger: a better implementation of "Display As Array" command.Eugene Tarassov1-5/+32
2012-01-17TCF Debugger: fixed display of type names for modified types like "unsigned ↵Eugene Tarassov1-1/+9
2012-01-16TCF Debugger: added a comment in TCFRunnable.javaEugene Tarassov1-1/+5
2012-01-16TCF Debugger: fixed regression (another deadlock) caused by:Eugene Tarassov1-8/+1
Commit:a634a2e6c30ad24386151c8ab1cda5623b4e4658 * Bug 368461 - Deadlock on "Terminate and Remove" from Debug View
2012-01-16Target Explorer: Unify feature/plugin provider name externalizationUwe Stieber53-61/+61
2012-01-16Target Explorer: Ignore window working setUwe Stieber1-10/+2

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