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Target Explorer: Fix: Undesired dependency to o.e.core.resources and uprev minimum required target platform to Eclipse 3.7.0
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diff --git a/target_explorer/docs/team/How-to-setup-the-development-environment.txt b/target_explorer/docs/team/How-to-setup-the-development-environment.txt
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--- a/target_explorer/docs/team/How-to-setup-the-development-environment.txt
+++ b/target_explorer/docs/team/How-to-setup-the-development-environment.txt
@@ -2,16 +2,16 @@ How to setup a Target Explorer development environment
1. Download and extract the Eclipse SDK environment
- - Download the Eclipse Classic 3.6.2 SDK package from
+ - Download the Eclipse Classic 3.7.0 SDK package from
- Extract the downloaded archive
Note: Once available, you can use newer versions of the Eclipse SDK package as development
-tools base. The Target Explorer build target platform has to be Eclipse 3.6.2.
+tools base. The Target Explorer build target platform has to be Eclipse 3.7.0.
2. Add the Subversion team provider and the C/C++ tooling
- Launch Eclipse
- Open the "Install" dialog via "Help > Install New Software ..."
- - Select the Eclipse 3.6.2 release site (
+ - Select the Eclipse 3.7.0 release site (
If not in the list, add it.
- Choose the Subversive team provider (Collaboration > Subversive SVN Team Provider)
- Choose the C/C++ tooling (Programming Languages > C/C++ Development Tools)

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