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authorEugene Tarassov2017-12-06 23:14:54 +0000
committerEugene Tarassov2017-12-06 23:14:54 +0000
commite5371c75209a441711722178da4942f0d3f23388 (patch)
treec87769fd48020164ead1d68f8ee46c24bcf49253 /readme.txt
parentffd1b5bb86825e28fe835ff90d0e35a291c56f58 (diff)
Releng: Upversion TCF and TE to 1.6
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diff --git a/readme.txt b/readme.txt
index 7ccf9fb8b..a0c92c062 100644
--- a/readme.txt
+++ b/readme.txt
@@ -1,12 +1,10 @@
-TCF is Copyright (c) 2007, 2008 by Wind River Systems, Inc. and others.
+TCF is Copyright (c) 2007-2017 by Wind River Systems, Inc. and others.
Made available under the Eclipse Public License (EPL) v1.0
See the file epl-v10.html for details.
-The agent portion in subdirectories
- "agent/" and
- "examples/"
+The agent portion in org.eclipse.tcf.agent repository
is made available under your choice of the Eclipse Public License (EPL) v1.0
or the Eclipse Distribution License (EDL) v1.0. See the file
-agent/edl-v10.html for details.
+ for details.
See docs/index.html for documentation on Target Communication Framework \ No newline at end of file

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