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authoreutarass2008-04-12 01:56:34 +0000
committereutarass2008-04-12 01:56:34 +0000
commit190f9fd77f29985d2d662dfe6208f170cf079ea5 (patch)
tree4b6a5efdeddf4e21d71cbfddc3ac2443aa55ff4d /examples/
parente1f388087058d093e8b844c6739e20aec6b0b545 (diff)
TCF agent: Processes service is implemented for Windows. Now TCF debugger prototype can start and attach a Windows process.
Also fixed: 1. racing in TCFLaunch startup sequence 2. broken channel close notifications in the agent 3. missing command reply arguments in daytime.c example code 4. null pointer exception in TCF/RSE bridge
Diffstat (limited to 'examples/')
1 files changed, 2 insertions, 0 deletions
diff --git a/examples/ b/examples/
index 47d997736..c98ba7318 100644
--- a/examples/
+++ b/examples/
@@ -44,6 +44,8 @@ static void command_get_time_of_day(char * token, Channel * c) {
write_stringz(&c->out, "R");
// Send back the command token
write_stringz(&c->out, token);
+ // Send error report, for now always "no error"
+ write_errno(&c->out, 0);
// Send reply data
json_write_string(&c->out, res);
// JSON encoded data should end with zero byte

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