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TCF Agent: Got rid of libelf dependency. Use mmap() to access ELF sections data.
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@@ -125,18 +125,9 @@ below are steps to create and populate Eclipse workspace with TCF projects:</p>
<p><b>Linux</b> is the recommended evaluation platform, since most TCF services
are implemented. To build the agent:
- <li>Make sure <code>elfutils-libelf-devel</code> is installed.
- On Fedora, it can be installed by command:
- <pre>yum install elfutils-libelf-devel</pre>
- It also can be built and installed from source code, e.g.
- <a href=""></a>:
- <pre>
- ./configure
- make
- make install
- setenv LD_LIBRARY_PATH /usr/local/lib:$LD_LIBRARY_PATH</pre>
<li>Run <code>make</code> command in <code>&lt;TCF Root&gt;/agent</code> directory.
- <li>Start agent with <code>./agent</code> command.
+ <li>Start agent with <code>./agent -L- -l0</code> command.
+ Use other -l option values to increase agent log details level.
<p>On <b>Windows</b>, SysMonitor service is not implemented, so RSE Processes demos will not work.
@@ -212,8 +203,7 @@ It also extends Processes subsystem to include CPU utilization data and some oth
<h2><a name='Debugger'>Using TCF With Eclipse Debugger</a></h2>
<p>Plugins <b></b> and <b></b> allow to start a debug session
-by connecting to a machine runnning TCF agent. This is not a complete debugger implementation, it is intended for
-demo and reference purposes.
+by connecting to a machine runnning TCF agent.
<p>To start a debug session over TCF:</p>
@@ -229,9 +219,8 @@ demo and reference purposes.
<li>Press "Debug" to start the debugger.
-<p>In TCF debug session only "Debug", "Breakpoints" and "Registers" views are populated. Source level debugging
-in not supported at this time. Breakpoints can be planted at an absolute addresses only, using menu command "Run/Toggle Breakpoint".
-"Registers" view can be brought in by "Window > Show View > Registers". Registers can be shown only for top stack frame.
+<p>In TCF debug session "Debug", "Breakpoints", "Registers", "Variables" and "Expressions" views are populated.
+Source level debugging is fully supported if the source code can be found in a CDT project in current workspace.

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