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Better support for TCF Agent portability:
1. Changed TCF Agent Makefile to use different output directories for different build targets. 2. Agent binary files are now created in "<OS name>/<CPU name>/<Debug|Release>" directories. 3. Changed agent CDT project file to include multiple build configurations: Cygwin Debug, Cygwin Release, Msys Debug, etc.
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@@ -122,11 +122,14 @@ below are steps to create and populate Eclipse workspace with TCF projects:</p>
<h2><a name='Agent'>Building TCF Agent</a></h2>
+<p><b>CDT</b> can be used to build TCF agent.
+CDT .project file is located in <code>&lt;TCF Root&gt;/agent</code> directory.
<p><b>Linux</b> is the recommended evaluation platform, since most TCF services
are implemented. To build the agent:
<li>Run <code>make</code> command in <code>&lt;TCF Root&gt;/agent</code> directory.
- <li>Start agent with <code>./agent -L- -l0</code> command.
+ <li>Start agent: <pre>GNU/Linux/i686/Debug/agent -L- -l0</pre>
Use other -l option values to increase agent log details level.
@@ -135,10 +138,11 @@ For building the agent, there are two possibilities:<ul>
<li>Building with gcc (freely available from <a href="">Wascana</a>,
<a href="">Cygwin</a> or the
<a href="">MinGW32 project</a>): run
-<pre>make -fMakefile_cygwin.mak</pre>
-in the agent directory (the Makefile works with mingw, too).</li>
+<pre>make</pre> or <pre>make SYSOP=Msys</pre>
+in the agent directory.</li>
-<li>Building with Microsoft Visual C++: Open workspace file <code>&lt;TCF Root&gt;/agent/agent.dsw</code>
+<li>Building with Microsoft Visual C++:
+open workspace file <code>&lt;TCF Root&gt;/agent/agent.sln</code>
and then build and run the agent using Development Studio commands. If getting an error about
<tt>IPHlpApi.h</tt> missing, you'll need to install the latest
<a href="">MS Platform SDK</a>.

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