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Updated "TCF Getting Started" to clarify DSF versions info
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@@ -41,7 +41,9 @@ below are steps to create and populate Eclipse workspace with TCF projects:</p>
<li>CDT (Eclipse C/C++ Development Tools SDK) 5.0 or later, last tested with 5.0.2, recommended 5.0.2<br>
<a href=''></a>
<li>DD (Device Debug) SDK 1.0.0<br>
- <a href=''></a>
+ <a href=''></a><br>
+ DSF has released version 2.0 with the CDT project. A patch is available for TCF/DSF integration code that adds support for DSF 2.0, see
+ <a href=''>Bugzilla Bug 269567: Migrate TCF - DSF integration to DSF 2.0m6</a>
<li>Checkout TCF code from <a href=''>Eclipse SVN repository</a>:
<pre>svn co svn://</pre>

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