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Bug 222819: [tcf][doc] Explain the new valueadd and example plugins in TCF Getting Started Docs
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@@ -108,6 +108,13 @@ below are steps to create and populate Eclipse workspace with TCF projects:</p>
<dd>This plugin allows Remote System Explorer (RSE) to connect to remote machines using TCF as communication protocol.
It includes implementation of RSE services as TCF clients.
+ <p>
+ <dt><b></b>
+ <dd>This is an example plugin.
+ The Example shows how TCF/Java binding can be extended for a new, user defined service.
+ The plugin provides Java binding for DayTime service.
+ Also, see directory <code>&lt;TCF Root&gt;/examples/</code>
+ for example code of a customized TCF agent, which implements DayTime service.
<h2><a name='Agent'>Building TCF Agent</a></h2>

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