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Target Explorer ( Contributions

1. Update the copyright header of modified source files and submit new files only with a valid copyright header.

2. Format the contributions source files using the "Target Explorer Java STD" formatter profile. The formatter
   profile can be imported from

3. Keep the javadoc comments up-to-date.
	a) At minimum, classes, interfaces and all their public and protected members must be fully documented.
	b) If modifying the signature of a method, or if the implementation changes to what has been documented,
	   update the javadoc comment to reflect the current signature and/or implementation.

4. Strict UI / core separation is a "must have".
	a) The Target Explorer must be usable in headless environments.
	b) SWT/JFace dependencies are seen as UI dependencies and are not welcome in core plug-in's.

5. "org.eclipse.core.resources" is a discouraged dependency.
	a) The Target Explorer must be usable in workspace less RCP environments (-data @none).
	b) Contributions must be written in a way to not depend on the existence of a
	c) Contributions depending either mandatory or optionally on "org.eclipse.core.resources"
	   should come as separate plug-in's.

6. Avoid sub component cross dependencies
	a) The Target Explorer must stay highly modular.
	b) Product builder shall be able to pick only what they really need.
	c) If unavoidable, weak dependencies like adapters and extension points are
	   preferred over hard dependencies.

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