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2018-07-10[version] Bump version to 6.0.1Pierre-Charles David252-360/+360
2018-07-09[536085] ClassCastException can occur with the methodTu Ton1-11/+12
2018-07-06[test] Fix some tests by changing the way to build the target platformLaurent Redor6-7/+18
2018-07-06[535861] Fix pb of Blank regeneration of VSM editorLaurent Redor2-3/+9
2018-07-06[Test] Remove tests that fails on Jenkins from Gerrit suiteSteve Monnier2-6/+5
2018-06-27[535861] Blank regeneration of VSM editorLaurent Redor1199-2548/+10823
2018-06-11[533553] Fix NPE in LayoutOptionPropertySection for options with no labelv6.0.0rc5v6.0.0Pierre-Charles David1-1/+9
2018-06-01[525362] Revert to using Batik 1.6Pierre-Charles David6-51/+29
2018-05-30[522407] Complete documentation for limitationLaurent Fasani2-4/+6
2018-05-29[533854] Add documentation about this new feature in release notesLaurent Redor2-0/+4
2018-05-29[doc] Add translation keys changes for 6.0Pierre-Charles David2-4/+295
2018-05-29[533553] Fix test not workingPierre Guilet1-3/+7
2018-05-29[471900] Update documentationPierre Guilet3-5/+23
2018-05-29[521718] Fix memory leak with external aird modificationPierre Guilet2-4/+68
2018-05-29[doc] Move older release notes out of the main filePierre-Charles David4-1504/+1502
2018-05-29[cleanup] Configure severity of PDE check about EMF Compare's attributePierre-Charles David1-1/+2
2018-05-29[doc] Avoid space in image file names referenced in the documentationPierre-Charles David6-4/+4
2018-05-28[530051] Fix decorator messing with tabbar zoom buttonPierre Guilet4-30/+45
2018-05-25[509735] Add a menu builder for the workflowStéphane Bégaudeau9-3/+272
2018-05-25[509735] Improve the property sections of the workflowStéphane Bégaudeau1-0/+9
2018-05-25[509735] Add support for the gap pattern generator in the workflowStéphane Bégaudeau13-9/+732
2018-05-25[509735] Improve sirius serverGuillaume Coutable2-1/+47
2018-05-24[test] Use APIs to open representations in LabelProviderProviderTestsPierre-Charles David1-14/+6
2018-05-23[test] Fix DragNDropTest by re-obtaining a current SWBotTreeItem when neededv6.0.0rc1Pierre-Charles David1-3/+11
2018-05-23[test] Use SWTBot's native DnD support when we don't need precise drop positionsPierre-Charles David10-161/+29
2018-05-23[test] Fix full-screen/maximization behavior under LinuxPierre-Charles David1-4/+5
2018-05-23[test] Use a more reliable way to open the properties view in RepairTestPierre-Charles David1-1/+1
2018-05-23[525804] Force focus out in test to validate combo changePierre-Charles David1-0/+1
2018-05-23[525804] Adjust expected button labels under PhotonPierre-Charles David2-2/+2
2018-05-22[525804] Report GMF 1.12.0 bugfix in our copy of CopyToImageUtilPierre-Charles David1-7/+3
2018-05-22[509735] Use a random port for the server by defaultStéphane Bégaudeau3-16/+14
2018-05-17[525804] Revert backport of SWTbot DnD "fix"Pierre-Charles David1-2/+2
2018-05-16[525362] Adapt SVG rendering code to Batik 1.9.1v6.0.0M7Pierre-Charles David6-29/+51
2018-05-16[509735] Fix packaging of the workflow featurePierre-Charles David34-1826/+29
2018-05-16[509735] Add first version of the front endStéphane Bégaudeau12-11/+90
2018-05-15[509735] Add support for the project descriptionStéphane Bégaudeau10-52/+183
2018-05-15[509070] Update release notePierre Guilet2-0/+11
2018-05-15[533553] Update documentationPierre Guilet8-8/+432
2018-05-15[533553] Add layout option modification testPierre Guilet6-5/+207
2018-05-15[533553] Remove layout option description serialization in VSMPierre Guilet17-97/+97
2018-05-15[533553] Improve layout option editionPierre Guilet13-62/+649
2018-05-15[533553] Improve layout option editionPierre Guilet26-31/+1512
2018-05-15[534140] Navigate to Java service classes from their declarationPierre-Charles David4-36/+182
2018-05-15[529977] Test realizationPierre Guilet5-8/+307
2018-05-15[509070] Fix various NPE when ELK plugin is not installedPierre Guilet4-17/+27
2018-05-14[481386] Fix regression detected by a new testLaurent Redor2-20/+36
2018-05-14[525804] Backport SWTbot DnD fix for Photon compatibilityPierre-Charles David1-2/+2
2018-05-04[534274] Fixes GoToMarkerTraceabilityWithUserInteractionTest.Florian Barbin1-1/+1
2018-05-03[534274] Launch the validation in a valid contextLaurent Redor3-35/+166
2018-05-03[534274] Reuse existing editor in all cases of quick fix applicationLaurent Redor2-12/+39

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