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@@ -6,6 +6,10 @@ This document contains the release notes for recent major releases of Sirius. Se
h2(#sirius5.0.0). Changes in Sirius 5.0.0
+h3. Specifier-Visible Changes
+* <span class="label label-info">Modified</span> The tab used to configure the metamodels used by the Properties view description is now using the same interface as the metamodels tab used to configure the representations.
h3. Developer-Visible Changes
h4. Changes in
@@ -39,6 +43,10 @@ bot.waitUntil(new ICondition() {
// are not really redrawn and the rest of the test is not reliable.
+h4. Changes in
+* <span class="label label-info">Modified</span> In the package the class @RepresentationDescriptionMetamodelsUpdater@ has been replaced by @DescriptionMetamodelsUpdater@ which can now be used with any EObject with a many-valued EReference to EPackages. The behavior of the class @RepresentationDescriptionMetamodelPropertySectionSpec@ has been transfered to an abstract class independent of @RepresentationDescription@ named @AbstractMetamodelPropertySectionSpec@. Those classes are now used for the edition of the metamodels of both the Properties view description and the various representations.
h2(#sirius4.1.2). Changes in Sirius 4.1.2
h3. User-Visible Changes

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