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<h4 id="Migrations">Migrations</h4>
+ <li><span class="label label-success">Added</span> A migration participant has been added to sort GMF edges order. The goal is to have edges displayed as before &#8220;edges z-order&#8221; improvement. Indeed, the display now consider order of GMF edges instead of order of its sources/targets.The corresponding version, stored in attribute version of viewpoint:DAnalysis of the aird file, is
+ <em></em>.
+ </li>
<li><span class="label label-info">Modified</span> The migration participant
<code></code> has been updated to repair Notes with a potential wrong vertical label alignment. This problem can occur since Sirius 6.3.2 used in a collaborative environment, Obeo Designer Team Edition or Team For Capella for example. The corresponding version, stored in the attribute version of viewpoint:DAnalysis of the aird file, is
<em></em> (migration added in Sirius 6.5.1).

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