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authorLaurent Redor2021-09-22 12:00:11 +0000
committerLaurent Redor2021-09-27 16:10:14 +0000
commitdd6a2039464f8c440291c84370c3c599da833fba (patch)
tree7427ec0d0aad4c374ba9ec5b926c30378439a54c /plugins/org.eclipse.sirius.diagram.ui/
parente679d9605000258fc00176041779016a497dba78 (diff)
[576216] Add migration participant to keep same edges display order
In some cases, see issue for details, the display order of edges is different after the z-order feature implementation. The goal of this migration participant is to change the order of GMF edges to keep the same display order. The version of aird used in ZOrderActionsTest has been changed. Indeed, this data already contains specific edges order. Bug: 576216 Cherry-picked-from: 576057 Change-Id: Ibb8e7663732fc2562a96d75861c06f8522a14533 Signed-off-by: Laurent Redor <>
Diffstat (limited to 'plugins/org.eclipse.sirius.diagram.ui/')
1 files changed, 2 insertions, 0 deletions
diff --git a/plugins/org.eclipse.sirius.diagram.ui/ b/plugins/org.eclipse.sirius.diagram.ui/
index c1b3b9359b..42e655b62a 100644
--- a/plugins/org.eclipse.sirius.diagram.ui/
+++ b/plugins/org.eclipse.sirius.diagram.ui/
@@ -954,6 +954,8 @@ EclipseImageSelectorDescriptor_extensionLoadingError = Error while loading the e
EdgeGroupMoveMessage = Move edge group
EdgeReconnectionHelper_invalidReconnectionKind = reconnectionKind must be ReconnectionKind.RECONNECT_SOURCE or ReconnectionKind.RECONNECT_TARGET
EdgeRoutingStyleChangedCommand_label = Change routing style
+EdgesZOrderMigrationParticipant_title = Migration done for "Edges z-order" (the result of this migration will be saved on the next session save):
+EdgesZOrderMigrationParticipant_edgesOrderChanged = \n\t* The order of edges has been changed to keep same visual render in diagram "{0}".
EditPartTools_nullParameterMsg = root or editPartType is null
ExtendedPropertyDescriptor_categoryName = Extended
ExtendedPropertyDescriptor_description = Property source for the extension framework

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