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BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
features/e4-experimentalfixed resource management for generated imagesBenjamin Muskalla11 years
features/event-system-rewriteBug 334028: Rework event system Rüdiger Herrmann8 years
features/exception-handlerAdd since tag, remove trailing spacesRalf Sternberg8 years
features/grid-enhancementsTree/Table#getVisibleItemCount now respects border widthTim Buschtöns8 years
features/multi-tabRemove uiSession head parameter from protocolIvan Furnadjiev8 years
features/operation-handlersCode re-factoring and test extendsIvan Furnadjiev7 years
features/protocol-event-renamingMerge branch 'Text' into features/protocol-event-renamingTim Buschtöns8 years
features/protocol-scrollbarsIntroduce ScrollBars for ExpandBar in protocolTim Buschtöns8 years
features/row-templatesAdds style to Cell.hstaudacher7 years
features/synchronizer-apiRefactored Synchronizer API.hstaudacher8 years
features/tree-table-mergeRESOLVED 366385: [TableViewer] Deactivation of CellEditor resets selectionRüdiger Herrmann9 years
masterAlways create cell background element when cell selection is enabledIvan Furnadjiev5 days
streams/1.1-maintenanceFixed - bug 273244: [Theming] Link foreground color cannot be modified using ...Ivan Furnadjiev11 years
streams/1.1-service-releasesBackported qx-0.7.4 to 1.1.1 branchRalf Sternberg12 years
streams/1.2-maintenanceFixed an issue with pasting text in ComboBoxCellEditor.Ivan Furnadjiev11 years
streams/1.3-maintenanceApplied patch for bug 315950: [DateTime] method getDay() return wrong day in ...Ralf Sternberg10 years
streams/1.4-maintenanceUpdated to 1.4.2Ralf Sternberg9 years
streams/1.5-grid-enhancementsUpdate default theme to use semi-transparent tree/table row overlayTim Buschtöns8 years
streams/1.5-maintenanceChange base platform repo to 4.2/R-4.2.2-201302041200/ after release.Markus Knauer8 years
streams/2.0-maintenanceRemove dash eclipse-signing-maven-plugin from runtime aggregation buildMarkus Knauer7 years
streams/2.1-maintenanceUse workspace specific TMP directory in Maven buildMarkus Knauer6 years
streams/2.2-maintenanceFix Firefox 29 startup issue with workaround from bug 433179Markus Knauer6 years
streams/2.3-maintenanceUpdate repository URLs to released Luna SR2 locationsMarkus Knauer6 years
streams/3.0-maintenanceUpdate repository URLs to Eclipse Mars.2 release URLsMarkus Knauer5 years
streams/3.1-maintenanceSwitch back to Orbit build R20160520211859Markus Knauer4 years
streams/3.2-maintenanceUpdate build configuration for RAP Runtime 3.2.0 RC4 (Oxygen RC4a)Markus Knauer3 years
streams/3.3-maintenanceCopy the fix for JFace bug 488484 to RAPIvan Furnadjiev3 years
streams/3.4-maintenanceUpdate RAP Runtime 3.4 for Oxygen.3aMarkus Knauer3 years
streams/3.8-maintenanceRespect RWT locale in getMessage methodsIvan Furnadjiev19 months

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