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2016-11-22Add support for H_SCROLL to DropDownIvan Furnadjiev7-36/+196
Add DropDown (Java) constructor with style parameter. Use arguments object in DropDown (JS) constructor. Check if re-layout is needed whenever a new row was rendered. Respect horizontal scrollbar height when computing DropDown layout. Change-Id: I199affd87c341da99a39b4f7cb4fa17a8c672a3c Signed-off-by: Tim Buschtoens <>
2016-11-21Ensure Menus always have a higher z-index than shellsTim Buschtoens3-0/+24
Shells shall use the range of 1e5 to 1e7 Menus shell use 1e7 upwards, as do tooltips. Fix Bug 507489 - After restoring a minimized shell, popup menus are no longer visible Change-Id: Ic857cce066a4404ec5968c77f7cf68f31bdf275c Signed-off-by: Tim Buschtoens <>
2016-11-11Make Link padding themeableIvan Furnadjiev6-13/+17
430607: [theming] [Label] [Link] missing padding property Change-Id: I5ad65560fa5e48d66335643eb21d85b8e91a31a4
2016-11-11Fix drawing of filled arcIvan Furnadjiev3-8/+11
Fill arc should produce a piece of pie instead of slice of a circle. This regression has been introduced with change 7d072db9b02b3b04e3c635440ae65dd8758f07cb. 507392: Drawing a filled arc does not produce a pie Change-Id: Ia6f222fd3657af3c7e1f308d72c972ab5912d04c
2016-11-11Add themeable padding property to LabelIvan Furnadjiev6-7/+15
430607: [theming] [Label] [Link] missing padding property Change-Id: I3dc2a7aaf59a391b56278b660f7de55756775c59
2016-11-10Fix Control layout when padding is set with custom variantIvan Furnadjiev2-0/+32
The control padding set by the themeing is buffered in the Control calss. The buffered value must be reset when custom variant is applied on the control. Change-Id: I62a6e88fff5d25b6dc41e484b5c3b088a581d9cf
2016-11-02Update build configuration for RAP Runtime 3.2.0 M3 (Oxygen M3)3.2.0-M3Markus Knauer2-3/+3
- Use Eclipse Platform build S-4.7M3-201610270700 - Use Orbit build S20161021172207 Change-Id: Ia86fd67629b098402545af216b8d51fe10df8011 Signed-off-by: Markus Knauer <>
2016-11-02Don't cancel touchstart/touchend events if target is SELECT elementIvan Furnadjiev1-2/+9
Custom combo based on HTML SELECT element does not work if touchstart/touchend events are canceled. Check for event target before cancel them. Change-Id: I342dc8860dd619f0de40ca19b35313f6a694928d
2016-11-02Fix duplicate requests when setting Browser URL with widget creationIvan Furnadjiev1-4/+6
When Browser URL is set in the same request where widget is created, it's applyed twice on the underlying iframe - once in Iframe.js#_applyElement and once in a timeout in BrowserHandler.js#url property handler. This leads to duplicate requests to this URL. Sync the source manually only if browser widget is already created. 497483: Browser.setUrl() produces duplicate GET request Change-Id: I3967d76e96560dc5cdbb901876bd0828dda1b103
2016-11-02Update Controls Demo Browser tabIvan Furnadjiev1-7/+14
Pages from domain can't be opened anymore in a iframe. Update default URL. Small layout fixes. Change-Id: I8634e958ba2739db960b5ba6ed3a99d9956cc92c
2016-10-31Respect Grid/Tree/Table custom variant in grid line appearanceIvan Furnadjiev1-0/+3
506212: Enable custom variant support for Table-GridLine Change-Id: I4405c4aa98aa6151ebccef7998d674731db227f2
2016-10-28Allow mousedown/up events for SELECT element in MobileWebkitSupportIvan Furnadjiev1-0/+4
Custom combo-box implementations based on SELECT element are not working if mousedown/up events are not allowed on it. Change-Id: I2d403f3ee2da98deab50d866d6d11a7f723db155
2016-10-26Add support for markup in ExpandItem header textIvan Furnadjiev13-162/+238
415250: [ExpandBar] Add markup support for ExpandBar and ExpandItem headers Change-Id: I8b6774961a2847840437dcd02145c9f6b0beefdb
2016-10-26Add support for filter extensions in FileDialogIvan Furnadjiev2-0/+59
433501: [FileDialog] Filtering of extensions, path and filename not possible anymore Change-Id: Ie7e5a3e4d11a1907cb80da3259c59617c04ffc2d
2016-10-26Add support for filter extensions to FileUpload widgetIvan Furnadjiev8-68/+135
All current browsers (but IE9) support "accept" attribute on HTML "file" input type to specify the types of files that the server accepts. Add new API set/getFilterExtensions for FileUpload widget. Apply filter extensions by using "accept" attribute on HTML input element. 433501: [FileDialog] Filtering of extensions, path and filename not possible anymore Change-Id: I7684b3cd8d90cac9b34bcd8886bfeaac3d361ef2
2016-10-17Add support for markup in MessageBox messageIvan Furnadjiev3-76/+116
As Dialog does not extend Widget, setData approach does not work here. Add new public method setMarkupEnabled to MessageBox class to enable markup support on the message Label. Update Controls demo DialogsTab. Re-factor MessageBox_Test class. 430980: MarkUp support for MessageBox text Change-Id: I112baf8caad8610255b9da9247cf10cc73d95499
2016-10-14Fix a crash when try to scroll an empty Tree/Table on mobile browserIvan Furnadjiev1-1/+2
On empty Grid _getTopItem function returns null. _getScrollYOffset function now returns zero in this case. 505710: [Table][Tree] Client side error on touch event when no items exist Change-Id: Ia64b65017a1b32c828f5c6f249d9e0a96cc452ef
2016-10-11[497957] Toolbar language of CKEditor is configurableWojtek Polcwiartek8-60/+639
A feature, that allows to configure the toollbars language of CKEditor via ToolbarConfiguration class. Bug: Change-Id: Ib5038017e8496add014db961f361ebdf0fe565d8 Signed-off-by: Wojtek Polcwiartek <>
2016-09-27Remove "5" from X-UA-Compatible meta tag in rwt-index.htmlIvan Furnadjiev1-1/+1
As RAP 3.x no longer supports < IE9, the "5" is not needed. 502212: Remove "5" from X-UA-Compatible meta tag Change-Id: I86779b1aa380c56d51ba0e43212cea7f97e4ddf2
2016-09-22Don't use public SWT API when synchronizing common Control propertiesIvan Furnadjiev9-69/+132
Common Control properties (visible, enabled...) are preserved on demand (when SWT public API setters are used). It's possible to change one of these properties with scripting and apply them in ControlOperationHandler. In this case, the old value should not be preserved as it's not changed on the server. Add common Control properties setters to ControlAdapter. Use these setters to apply the client value instead of using the public SWT API. Adjust some tests accordingly. 494881: [Control] Changing visibility state using client scripting fails Change-Id: I8767132ab5beaca4541af1d32feb1811773232a6
2016-09-20Update build configuration for RAP Runtime 3.2.0 M2 (Oxygen M2)3.2.0-M2Markus Knauer2-2/+2
- Use Eclipse Platform build S-4.7M2-201609150230 Change-Id: I3a2ea7b5125078ab30cd1e8383c378cea4d50326 Signed-off-by: Markus Knauer <>
2016-09-13Add support for changing text size storage size by system propertyIvan Furnadjiev4-3/+54
In some complex applications the limit of keeping only 10 000 measured strings is not enough. The application performance decreases dramatically when this limit is reached as TSD requests are sent again and again. Read text size store size from system property "org.eclipse.rap.rwt.textSizeStoreSize" if set or use 10 000 as default. 501159: TextSizeDetermination causes high CPU usage and flickering Change-Id: I5d2d3d14b8c22f43c9d8c821edb7e26154ae3279
2016-09-07Fix failing JS tests in ChromeIvan Furnadjiev1-4/+4
Recent Chrome versions now behave like other browsers. The blink switch is not needed anymore in these tests. Change-Id: If14c8c40bf5d1dd896d1b7f940173e454478044a
2016-09-07Don't force ToolBar tabIndex to 1 in ToolBar.js Ivan Furnadjiev1-10/+1
The tabIndex for all controls is calculated and set by the server. If control is not focusable (SWT.NO_FOCUS style is set), tabIndex is not rendered by the protocol and default null value must be used. 499085: Toolbar focus has different behavior than SWT Change-Id: If531cd5b352e9a5893d95f810597b294f2cadd1e
2016-09-02Fix active keys resetIvan Furnadjiev2-6/+6
When control active keys are reset to null, empty array is rendered in the protocol. Empty activeKeys object should not be treated as block all in KeyEventSupport#_shouldSendKeyDown, but allow all. Empty active/cancelKeys object should be considered as not set active/cancel keys. 499402: Key event listener and active keys: clear active keys doesn't work Change-Id: I43644ecfbbdcdcab1c3075a4024631500d522f35
2016-08-29Fix save/restore graphics context when arc is drawnIvan Furnadjiev3-17/+25
Restoring graphics context state on the client in GC.js#_ellipse, before fill/stroke operation may lead to a wrong shape - the transformation set by translate/scale is restored. 499417: [GC] Draw arc is not correct in some cases Change-Id: I345939a4a060ff1fedc89469539df64b4b116caa
2016-08-11Update build configuration for RAP 3.2.0 M1 (Oxygen M1)3.2.0-M1Markus Knauer2-4/+4
- Use Eclipse Platform build S-4.7M1-201608032000 Change-Id: I536f877102a72a5a9f5d93985255902ba2aee2b1
2016-08-11Increment version for RAP 3.2.0Markus Knauer96-369/+369
All MANIFEST.MF, pom.xml, feature.xml, .product, and various other files need to be updated to the new incremented version number of RAP 3.2. Change-Id: I8e5589216ffd9953d9dd56bcbeb98f1d104db4c0
2016-07-27Show GridColumnGroup chevron only if TOGGLE style is setIvan Furnadjiev4-16/+70
In Nebula Grid the chevron icon is not shown on GridColumnGroup if TOGGLE style flag is not set. Change-Id: Ic9357b9c6ea15d3a034b9349374e34c3b5556563
2016-07-04Fix Grid vertical scrollbar is shown unnecessarilyIvan Furnadjiev1-1/+9
The implementation of Grid.js#_getLastPageRowCount does not use last visible item, but last root item. As a result the vertical scrollbar is shown unnecessarily in some cases. 496261: VerticalScrollBar truncates content when using GridTreeViewer Change-Id: I89607f37c0abd27139011decd32ee71ebb33fd3c
2016-07-01Render Grid indentionWidth property at runtimeIvan Furnadjiev8-10/+88
In Tree/Table indentionWidth property doesn't change at runtime. It's rendered only once when widget is created. As Nebula Grid is represented as tree on the client a non zero indention width leads to visual offset of item text/checkbox in the first column when there is no subitems. Change-Id: I7952993c00ab2fa549dc2e73c90cee43665e1b2b
2016-06-21[493870] Propagate ThreadDeath to threads waiting for RunnableLockWojtek Polcwiartek1-118/+119
Threads waiting for the RunnableLock need to get informed about closing the UIThread. Bug: Change-Id: I46933b2f1d0ba80bc34452817309cb1827b58688 Signed-off-by: Wojtek Polcwiartek <>
2016-06-21Use final release p2 URL of Eclipse Platform 4.6 (Neon) releaseMarkus Knauer1-1/+1
Change-Id: Id89cf751cb056314a245d5252a73e518a686a922 Signed-off-by: Markus Knauer <> (cherry picked from commit 277a4e53b8e3f9695b9f4048da0b24fe78b3ce01)
2016-06-20Fix ClassCastException when ToolItem disabled state is styledIvan Furnadjiev3-4/+28
To obtain the ToolItem themeable properties, ToolBarThemeAdapter is used. As both ToolItem and ToolBar support "disabled" state, it's possible to run into ClassCastException in ControlThemeAdapterImpl#configureMatcher, where the "disabled" control constraint is defined. Add instance check in ControlThemeAdapterImpl#configureMatcher to prevent ClassCastException. Add separate "disabled" constraint for ToolItems in ToolBarThemeAdapter. 496349: ClassCastException in ControlThemeAdapterImpl: ToolItem cannot be cast to Control Change-Id: Ib306915f2e373ae2e82596cc9a1a0e4404913a32
2016-06-07Update build configuration for RAP 3.1.0 RC4a (Neon RC4)Markus Knauer3-3/+3
- Use Eclipse Platform RC4a build S-4.6RC4a-201606061100 Change-Id: I1e63be01abea4b5bd7c5159664b3e6de3d7d8fbe Signed-off-by: Markus Knauer <> (cherry picked from commit ebcb3edb1bbbceaa98031ad5d154d1c9e076f5cb)
2016-06-01Upgrade to Jetty 9.3.9.v20160517 (security)3.1.0-RC3Markus Knauer1-1/+1
Jetty 9.3.0 to 9.3.8 inclusive is vulnerable to an aliasing issue when running on Windows platform. This issue has been addressed in the 9.3.9 version. Bug: Change-Id: I2107ec095407f977e39e0ce57209fbbcaca5e93a Signed-off-by: Markus Knauer <>
2016-05-27Fix client crash when Browser is created with V/H_SCROLL style flagsIvan Furnadjiev2-5/+32
When scrollable widget is created with V/H_SCROLL style flags, a ScrollBar widget is created/rendered by the protocol. As client-side browser widget can't have children (doesn't extend Parent), adding scrollbars to it leads to a crash. Browser widget is based on HTML iframe and doesn't have a separate, managed by the server scrollbars. Clear Browser V/H_SCROLL style bits if set. 494759: Browser with style flag SWT.H_SCROLL or SWT.V_SCROLL fails Change-Id: I38f397da679eff212864dcfdfeec8c714a07c3e3
2016-05-27Update build configuration for RAP 3.1.0 RC3 (Neon RC3)Markus Knauer2-3/+3
- Use Eclipse Platform RC3 build S-4.6RC3-201605252000 - Use Eclipse Orbit build R20160520211859 for Neon Change-Id: I9278defb590536a787178a70f09d7dd8542a684c Signed-off-by: Markus Knauer <>
2016-05-24Update build configuration for RAP 3.1.0 RC2 (Neon RC2)3.1.0-RC2Markus Knauer2-3/+3
- Use Eclipse Platform RC2 build S-4.6RC2-201605191730 - Use Eclipse Orbit RC2 build S20160518051658 Change-Id: I0e4c7977204fc942cebc91dcfe47b8dc5b80750e Signed-off-by: Markus Knauer <>
2016-05-23Ensure correct MANIFEST.MF is used in SWT#readBundleVersionIvan Furnadjiev1-16/+17
In some cases wrong MANIFEST.MF is used when SWT version is determined. Load and get bundle version from "org.eclipse.rap.rwt" MANIFEST.MF only. Change-Id: Ie046c5fa738ee597a9298615c049bd175ea2e372
2016-05-17Update build configuration for RAP 3.1.0 RC1 (Neon RC1)3.1.0-RC1Markus Knauer2-2/+2
- Use Eclipse Platform RC1 build S-4.6RC1-201605121000 Change-Id: I10cbf498bdbeb3356f7d27b2302d8baed42b791c Signed-off-by: Markus Knauer <>
2016-05-11Extend ErrorBox themeable propertiesElshad Seyidmammadov5-3/+35
Make font, color and background color properties of description area themeable. 342140: Customizable error message box Change-Id: I0b3a477571e4c4e96736dfc60657318ac2bfb361 Signed-off-by: Elshad Seyidmammadov <>
2016-05-11Grid scrolling doesn't work correctly in mobile browsersElshad Seyidmammadov2-38/+56
In Mobile browsers when grid-view scrolling is enabled, the grid-view cannot be scrolled correctly by touch moving. The scrolling position calculated wrongly. Although Grid item position properties work with indexes, MobileWebkitSupport updated them with pixels. Convert pixels to index in MobileWebkitSupport for GridRowContainer. Change some test result variables in MobileWebkitSupportTest, which tested with pixels. Change-Id: I8ec91b59104816d897f38bb659333a1f341a9036 Signed-off-by: Elshad Seyidmammadov <>
2016-05-10Fix app crash when widget is reparented and disposed in the same timeIvan Furnadjiev2-1/+20
Reparent and dispose a control in the same request leads to app crash (org.eclipse.swt.SWTException: Widget is disposed), when we render the parent in DisplayLCA#renderReparentControls. Add a check for disposed control in DisplayLCA#renderReparentControls. Change-Id: Ic9d819f1b73b8d6ad897a88a79841abdb63c0e59
2016-05-10Fix FontDialog color selectionIvan Furnadjiev1-1/+1
There is a typo in FontDialog#openColorDialog method. Instead of colling open() method of the ColorDialog it opens itself again. Change-Id: Ied36572aa9ade11dda2e8f034f14abaaa37dfd42
2016-05-09Add RWT version to rap-client.js pathIvan Furnadjiev3-12/+47
Now the RAP JS client file is registered at: "rwt-resources/<rwt version>/rap-client.js". Read SWT (RWT) version from RWT bundle MANIFEST.MF. 439008: RAP javascript url should be unique per version Change-Id: Iac891421401c6336e985e56b01c39fab1f2ee099
2016-05-03Fix missing data when columns are used in DropDown3.1.0-M7Ivan Furnadjiev2-0/+12
In order to render the text in GridRow cell, cellOrder property must me set in the Grid config (see GridRowLayout#_computeAllCells). Otherwize, only the text for the first column is shown. Add cellOrder property to Grid config when columns are set on DropDown. Change-Id: I23badf47b05ac0e775ff0f03cda5e7be95f73780
2016-05-03Use the "wheel" DOM event instead of "mousewheel"Tim Buschtoens5-33/+17
"wheel" is the actual standard and supported by all current browser. Keep support for "mousewheel" in case some older browser needs it. The exotic "DOMMouseScroll" from old FireFox is not longer needed. Change-Id: I79726f4ac0bd050eb831d86b1804dda4a6c72447
2016-05-03Support base URL in ServiceManagerImplIvan Furnadjiev4-6/+46
ServiceManager#getServiceHandlerUrl(String) returns absolute URL (see bug 437211). If the application is deployed behind url rewriting proxy, the URL segment added by the proxy is missing from service handler URL. Respect "org.eclipse.rap.rwt.serviceHandlerBaseURL" system property in ServiceManagerImpl. 492175: FileDialog doesn't work behind proxy Change-Id: I10a5410f198441b53d71b85d8062b9992c59b8ce
2016-05-03Fix IOBE on empty virtual GridIvan Furnadjiev2-4/+15
The method Grid#doRedraw fails with empty virtual Grid. Add a check for available items. 492780: Empty Virtual Nebula Grid throws exception Change-Id: I7677264a53f1a87d651aa173476ba8d000b2dbb8

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