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Added README file to releng project - bug 354781: [Releng] Evaluate tycho for building RAP
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+Building RAP
+We use tycho [1] to build RAP.
+You'll need:
+* A CVS client
+* Maven 3.0
+* network access
+Checkout the RAP repository. You cannot build directly from your Eclipse workspace, because
+projects from CVS are stored in a directory structure that differs from the repository.
+Once RAP has switched to git, you will be able to build directly from your local repository.
+ cvs -d co -P -r HEAD org.eclipse.rap
+This command creates a new directory "org.eclipse.rap" and checks out the latest version of the
+RAP repository into this directory.
+RAP Runtime
+Run maven on the runtime directory in the releng project
+ cd org.eclipse.rap/releng/org.eclipse.rap.releng/runtime
+ mvn clean package
+The runtime repository will be created in runtime-repository/target
+Note: this command creates the rap.runtime feature which contains only the RAP artifacts.
+ The basic target requirements have to be copied from the platform repositories.
+ We use the pom-aggregate.xml to aggregate this feature on the build server, but this won't
+ run locally.
+RAP Tooling
+Run maven on the tooling directory in the releng project
+ cd org.eclipse.rap/releng/org.eclipse.rap.releng/tooling
+ mvn clean package
+The tooling repository will be created in tooling-repository/target

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