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2018-11-19Bug 537867 - Export preferences gives paranoiac warningLucas Bullen1-1/+1
2018-07-27Bug 537416 - UI Freeze for 15 minutes when starting Eclipse IDEI20180728-1500I20180728-0805I20180727-2000Lucas Bullen1-1/+7
2018-06-28Bug 536284 - org.eclipse.ui.tests.pluginchecks do not run in nightlyI20180629-0420I20180629-0400I20180628-2000Lucas Bullen2-1/+60
2018-03-23Bug 532621 - Open Resource result order changes based on case of searchLucas Bullen1-1/+19
2018-03-06Bug 530492 - Few Platform UI tests fail while running with Java9Lucas Bullen1-8/+20
2018-02-27Bug 531332 - Comparison method violates its general contractI20180227-2000Lucas Bullen1-4/+7
2018-02-26Bug 531683 - [Commands] Added explanation command category id I20180226-2000Lucas Bullen1-1/+1
2018-02-24Bug 531610 - Open Resource dialog doesn't show paths for dupl. filesI20180225-2000I20180224-1500Lucas Bullen2-2/+23
2018-02-09Bug 497767 - [GTK3] [GTK3.14] JFace setElement() method does not scrollI20180209-2000Lucas Bullen1-12/+16
2018-02-05Bug 530654 - Import/Export Preferences buttons visible on other dialogsLucas Bullen4-14/+22
2018-01-31Bug 530527 - [Tests] testSelectionRefresh is failingLucas Bullen1-0/+8
2018-01-27Bug 529451 - Open Resource dialog throws SIOOBEI20180127-1500Lucas Bullen1-2/+2
2018-01-24Bug 529451 - Open Resource dialog throws SIOOBELucas Bullen1-2/+2
2018-01-18Bug 493357 - [gtk3] Fix 8 tests that failed on CentOSI20180119-0110I20180118-2000Lucas Bullen6-54/+76
2018-01-16Bug 529660 - Open resource dialog should follow terminating highlightingLucas Bullen2-0/+26
2018-01-15Bug 529451 - Open Resource dialog throws SIOOBELucas Bullen2-16/+36
2018-01-11Bug 528301 - Open resource dialog Camel case matches incorrectlyI20180113-1500I20180112-2000Lucas Bullen2-36/+102
2017-12-14Bug 528174 - [Tests] testChangedWorkingSets failsLucas Bullen1-26/+12
2017-12-04Bug 526490 - Silent failure when trying to import a project of same nameI20171205-0800I20171205-0250I20171205-0030I20171204-2000I20171204-0850I20171204-0830I20171204-0530Lucas Bullen6-7/+74
2017-12-01Bug 527806 - Ship all themes and let users pick whichever they wantI20171202-0800I20171201-2000Lucas Bullen3-46/+80
2017-12-01Bug 506709 - 3 BindingPersistenceTest/s failI20171201-0345Lucas Bullen1-41/+22
2017-11-27Bug 522096 - [Project Explorer] "Close Projects" on working setsI20171128-0100I20171127-2000Lucas Bullen8-32/+150
2017-11-16Bug 500051 - Add option to import/export preferences from DialogI20171116-2000Lucas Bullen7-4/+25
2017-11-16Bug 525974 - Open Resource sorting doesn't show perfect match firstLucas Bullen2-25/+42
2017-11-13Bug 508508 - Browser editor to allow auto-refresh on resource changeLucas Bullen3-10/+105
2017-11-07[FilteredResource] Fix Resource Item Label TestsI20171107-2000Lucas Bullen1-2/+14
2017-10-31Bug 525974 - Open Resource sorting doesn't show perfect match firstLucas Bullen1-1/+17
2017-10-22Bug 203792 - [FilteredTree] fix testI20171023-0800I20171022-2000Lucas Bullen1-1/+1
2017-10-20Bug 203792 - [Preferences] filter should support multiple keywordsI20171022-0800I20171021-1500I20171020-2000Lucas Bullen2-28/+162
2017-10-18Bug 520250 / 520251 - Highlight matches by CamelCase and patternLucas Bullen4-25/+299
2017-10-17Bug 525343 - importPreferences removes preferenceChangedListenersLucas Bullen3-6/+33
2017-10-16Bug 500051 - Add option to import/export preferences from DialogLucas Bullen7-2/+10
2017-09-29Bug 500051 - Add option to import/export preferences from DialogLucas Bullen3-0/+82
2017-08-08Bug 516052 - Perspective menu items should be disabledLucas Bullen1-103/+44
2017-07-25Bug 520156 - Able to Add Duplicate Associated Editors in Content TypeLucas Bullen1-0/+19

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