Using the help system

Browse topics in the Contents frame (Contents icon) on the left. Click on a topic to have it displayed. Use the Back and Forward buttons to navigate within the history of viewed topics.


To quickly locate topics on a particular subject in the documentation, enter a query in the Search field. Use the Search frame (Search icon) to display the Search view. You can narrow the scope of your search by selecting only the sections you are interested in.


Clicking the Show in Table of Contents button (Show in Table of Contents icon) will select that topic in the navigation tree. The Link with Contents button (Link with Contents icon) keeps the navigation tree synchronized to the current topic.


To show documentation about capabilities that are disabled in the application, select the Show All Topics button (Refresh / Show Current Topic icon) . This affects the table of contents and search results.

Keyword Index

To show an alphabetically sorted index of keywords select the Index Frame (Index icon). Not all products contain an index.