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2006-04-11128263 [CheatSheet] composite cheat sheets not found by searchCurtis D'Entremont2-27/+45
2006-04-10135781 need to adopt ICU4J APIsv20060410aCurtis D'Entremont10-11/+28
2006-04-10135632 [CheatSheet] Selection dialog Browse sets wrong parent ShellCurtis D'Entremont1-2/+1
2006-04-07127592 [CheatSheet] Task editor doesn't show initially on macCurtis D'Entremont1-9/+21
2006-04-0575128 [CheatSheets] In HighContrast Screen set up Cheat Sheets are not visiblev20060405aCurtis D'Entremont1-11/+43
2006-04-05134794 [CheatSheet] perform-when not working correctlyCurtis D'Entremont1-1/+1
2006-04-03133082 [CheatSheet] Delete unused placeholder iconsCurtis D'Entremont2-0/+0
2006-04-03132410 [CheatSheet] Resetting a task should also reset all dependentsv20060403Curtis D'Entremont9-47/+204
2006-03-28132785 [CheatSheet] Collapse icon is very smallCurtis D'Entremont1-1/+1
2006-03-23[Bug 132413] [CheatSheet] Add a "End review" button to a task being reviewed.Curtis D'Entremont6-48/+174
2006-03-22132210 [CheatSheet] Need to establish rules for interpretation of form markupCurtis D'Entremont2-35/+51
2006-03-22132415 [CheatSheet] Gray out icons for tasks which are blockedCurtis D'Entremont22-53/+128
2006-03-18132422 [CheatSheet] icons for task state, collapse/expand, info, warningv20060318Curtis D'Entremont7-0/+0
2006-03-17132415 [CheatSheet] Gray out icons for tasks which are blockedv20060317aCurtis D'Entremont1-4/+13
2006-03-17130177 [CheatSheet] Need to be able to reset a task or task groupCurtis D'Entremont17-70/+501
2006-03-15131793 [CheatSheet] Make composite cheat sheet API provisionalCurtis D'Entremont27-54/+73
2006-03-15131980 [CheatSheet] Composite cheatsheet layout improvementsCurtis D'Entremont8-22/+74
2006-03-14131177 [CheatSheet] Cheatsheet selection dialog needs some pixel dustCurtis D'Entremont7-6/+50
2006-03-14[Bug 131763] [CheatSheet] More new imagesCurtis D'Entremont9-0/+0
2006-03-09[Bug 130181] [CheatSheet] Restructure intro and completion panels.Curtis D'Entremont10-228/+371
2006-03-09[Bug 131217] [CheatSheets] New Icons ready to be committedCurtis D'Entremont15-0/+0
2006-03-09[Bug 131214] [CheatSheet] compositeContentFile.exsd has incorrect name for <p...Curtis D'Entremont1-2/+2
2006-03-08[Bug 127846] Cheatsheets: Composite flag not enforcedv20060308bCurtis D'Entremont2-3/+19
2006-03-08[Bug 127597] [CheatSheet] Too easy for users to not press buttonsCurtis D'Entremont5-14/+39
2006-03-08reverted: wrong bug in previous commentCurtis D'Entremont5-39/+14
2006-03-08[Bug 10087] [Help] Missing Help Index SolutionCurtis D'Entremont5-14/+39
2006-03-0884457 [CheatSheet] No API to restart the cheat sheetCurtis D'Entremont15-53/+147
2006-03-02[Bug 127599] Cheatsheets: Use memento to save cheatsheet stateCurtis D'Entremont11-423/+476
2006-02-28[Bug 129823] [CheatSheet] Paths to icon files should all include $nlCurtis D'Entremont2-11/+11
2006-02-24[Bug 129419] [CheatSheet] Composite cheat sheet does not realize when depende...v20060224Curtis D'Entremont3-10/+5
2006-02-24[Bug 127589] Cheatsheets: Parser needs better error detection in composite ch...Curtis D'Entremont11-17/+94
2006-02-24[Bug 126997] cheatsheet manager not clearing data store when cheatsheet is re...v20060223Curtis D'Entremont1-2/+4
2006-02-23127121 Fix warnings in UA pluginsCurtis D'Entremont11-22/+25
2006-02-23128889 [CheatSheet] Schema file needed for composite cheat sheet contentCurtis D'Entremont1-0/+236
2006-02-23127602 [CheatSheet] Task blocked overlay not cleared for composite cheatsheetsCurtis D'Entremont11-18/+68
2006-02-21*** empty log message ***v20060220Dejan Gloszic4-25/+31
2006-02-12127370 Cheatsheets: Composite cheatsheets should disallow Editable non-leaf t...Dejan Gloszic33-384/+1005
2006-02-09127178 Composite Cheat Sheets should use mementos to save stateDejan Gloszic16-342/+466
2006-02-09*** empty log message ***Dejan Gloszic4-16/+17
2006-02-09*** empty log message ***Dejan Gloszic6-20/+337
2006-02-09*** empty log message ***Dejan Gloszic10-22/+169
2006-02-03*** empty log message ***v20060206Dejan Gloszic3-5/+22
2006-02-03*** empty log message ***Dejan Gloszic1-0/+4
2006-02-02*** empty log message ***Dejan Gloszic8-37/+197
2006-02-02*** empty log message ***Dejan Gloszic2-5/+7
2006-02-02*** empty log message ***Dejan Gloszic1-3/+3
2006-02-02*** empty log message ***Dejan Gloszic2-6/+78
2006-02-02*** empty log message ***Dejan Gloszic2-31/+20
2006-02-01*** empty log message ***v20060201aDejan Gloszic5-1/+216
2006-02-01*** empty log message ***v20060201Dejan Gloszic3-32/+47

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