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2018-08-21Bug 535802 - License update to EPL-2.0 in platform.uaY20180823-0800Y20180822-2200S4_9_0_M3I20180823-0450I20180823-0430I20180823-0100I20180822-2000I20180822-0800I20180821-2000I20180821-0800Lars Vogel19-57/+114
2018-03-28Bug 532984 - Stop using long deprecated sript language attributeAlexander Kurtakov6-10/+10
2017-11-17Bug 527379 - Remove references to org.eclipse.update.configuratorKarsten Thoms2-4/+0
2017-11-16Bug 527249 - Remove referrences to update.coreAlexander Kurtakov2-16/+0
2014-10-07Bug 440136 - Delete org.eclipse.ui.presentations from theI20141008-1300Lars Vogel2-2/+0
2012-04-11Fixed mixed line delimiters in filesv20120411-0843Dani Megert14-14/+28
2010-03-01 Bug 290831 - [Help] Eclipse Help shortcuts the <a> in XHTML content.Chris Goldthorpe3-0/+88
2009-05-26Update copyrightsChris Goldthorpe16-14/+174
2008-11-14Add test for XMLProcessor with entitiesChris Goldthorpe2-0/+26
2007-07-10Bug 189192 - [Help] Named HTML entities cause errors in help viewer if doctyp...Chris Goldthorpe2-4/+4
2007-02-02rework providers API to be less DOM-centricCurtis D'Entremont2-7/+7
2006-12-08142526 [Help] Allow if/else conditionals (filters) for dynamic contentv20061208Curtis D'Entremont2-0/+168
2006-11-17160969 [Help] Exception occurred while adding document xxx.xhtml to index.Curtis D'Entremont2-74/+0
2006-11-14added validation of help content, refactoringCurtis D'Entremont3-36/+36
2006-11-02dynamic content across all UACurtis D'Entremont1-28/+28
2006-10-25abstracted the DOM processor to handle several modelsCurtis D'Entremont1-2/+6
2006-10-13fixed failing tests (transformers randomly reorder attributes, so can't use d...Curtis D'Entremont4-113/+86
2006-10-12refactoring; rewrote dynamic content processingCurtis D'Entremont25-0/+3396

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