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AgeCommit message (Expand)AuthorFilesLines
2018-06-19Sets the Eclipse formatter for the new tips plug-ins as defaultLars Vogel2-0/+309
2018-06-17Bug 535975 - [Tips] Minor refactoringI20180618-0800Michael Keppler5-8/+9
2018-06-17Bug 535942 - Make tips startup job a system jobMichael Keppler1-0/+1
2018-06-08Bug 535442 - [Tips] Add Code completion tips to JDT tipsI20180613-0440I20180613-0300Wim Jongman1-1/+6
2018-06-06Bug 535566: [Tips] Tips should consider different UX then startup dialogI20180607-2000Wim Jongman3-103/+43
2018-06-05Bug 535533: [Tips] Do not start tips if in test modeI20180606-1020Wim Jongman1-1/+1
2018-06-05Bug 535318 - Update license to EPL-2.0 for in about.htmlLars Vogel1-16/+24
2018-06-04Bug 535437 - [Tips] Run cleanup actions to tips and enhance save actionsLars Vogel2-7/+8
2018-06-01Bug 535391 - [Tips] Do not open tips on startup if there are no new tipsI20180601-0915I20180601-0900Wim Jongman3-11/+41
2018-05-30Bug 535191 - POM version change for 4.9 releaseAlexander Kurtakov1-1/+1
2018-05-28Bug 535155: [Tips] Tips dialog looks rather uglyWim Jongman3-7/+2
2018-05-28Bug 535072 - MANIFEST Updates in masterLars Vogel2-2/+2
2018-05-27Bug 534989: [Tips] Reduce tips about tipsWim Jongman10-138/+7
2018-05-24Bug 535072 - [Tips] Tips plug-ins are missing legal info (about.html)Wim Jongman2-1/+30
2018-05-22Bug 534890: [Tips] Tips window aligned to top of screen and..S4_8_0_RC2I20180527-2250I20180527-2000I20180527-0800I20180526-1500I20180526-0800I20180525-2000I20180524-0900I20180523-2000I20180523-0800Wim Jongman4-3/+30
2018-05-21Bug 534921: [Tips] Add Twitter tips to IDE bundleI20180522-2000Wim Jongman3-0/+163
2018-05-21Bug 534920: [Tips] Make sure tips can run on NeonI20180522-0800Wim Jongman1-4/+4
2018-05-21Bug 534376: [Tips] (fetch) job runs even if I have disabled tipsI20180521-2000Wim Jongman7-33/+63
2018-05-20Bug 534889: [Tips] No mnemonics on Tips window and menu itemI20180521-0800I20180520-2000Wim Jongman1-1/+1
2018-05-11Bug 534595: [Tips] Create tips for tipsI20180511-2000Wim Jongman20-1/+593
2018-05-11Bug 534178: [Tips] Tip deploy jobWim Jongman1-41/+3
2018-05-03Bug 531848 - [Tips] Add save actions to project propertiesI20180503-2000I20180503-0740Alexander Kurtakov2-3/+109
2018-04-30Bug 532012: [Tips] NLS SupportWim Jongman10-54/+120
2018-04-29Bug 534073: [Tips] Create JSon based Tip Provider for PlatformI20180430-0715I20180429-2000Wim Jongman4-37/+123
2018-04-26Bug 534073: [Tips] Create JSon based Tip Provider for PlatformWim Jongman4-26/+100
2018-04-25Bug 534050: [Tips] Save read state to preferencesI20180426-2000I20180426-0500I20180425-2000I20180425-1705I20180425-1650I20180425-1455Wim Jongman2-14/+35
2018-04-05Bug 531792: [Tips] API cleanupI20180417-2000I20180416-2000I20180416-0305I20180415-2000I20180414-1500I20180413-2000I20180412-2000I20180411-2000I20180411-0735I20180411-0530I20180410-2000I20180409-2000I20180408-2000I20180407-1500I20180406-2000I20180405-2000Wim Jongman2-3/+59
2018-04-03Bug 531792: [Tips] API cleanupWim Jongman5-18/+100
2018-03-26Bug 531792: [Tips] API cleanupI20180327-2000I20180327-0805Wim Jongman2-4/+6
2018-02-28Bug 307889 - [Intro] having "tip of the day" functionalityI20180228-2000Wim Jongman17-0/+931

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