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2007-03-15138390 [Help] reconsider TomcatCurtis D'Entremont54-578/+417
2007-03-14Fixed index view to handle show all correctly, refactored views.jsp to move m...Chris Goldthorpe5-111/+161
2007-03-14Ensure that next and previous will work if no content is displayed.Chris Goldthorpe1-2/+2
2007-03-13Changes to Webapp Index view to handle the index attached to Bug153037. Spec...Chris Goldthorpe4-51/+104
2007-03-07176646 [Webapp] Add toggle search hit description button like help viewCurtis D'Entremont8-9/+99
2007-03-07169142 [Webapp] Create option to group search results by bookCurtis D'Entremont8-9/+164
2007-03-0218130 [Webapp] F1. Back/Forward button do not update book titlev20070305Curtis D'Entremont9-51/+1
2007-03-01166391 [Help] Add breadcrumbs supportCurtis D'Entremont5-13/+198
2007-02-26Align Next >> button to be at the right hand edge of the index view. Test for...Chris Goldthorpe2-2/+17
2007-02-26Index view javascript moved to indexView.jsChris Goldthorpe2-618/+0
2007-02-23Add resources for previous and next in index view.Chris Goldthorpe3-3/+4
2007-02-22Increase size of previous and next buttons in index view.Chris Goldthorpe2-6/+11
2007-02-22Bug 160939 - [Webapp] Web page for index is read from server too early, and o...Chris Goldthorpe1-1/+1
2007-02-21Bug 160939 - [Webapp] Web page for index is read from server too early, and o...Chris Goldthorpe15-233/+778
2007-02-14174201 [Help] IWorkbenchHelpSystem#displayHelpResource should support platfor...Curtis D'Entremont1-11/+24
2007-02-14Bug 172895 - [Webapp] Accessibility:Some content is cut off in Search result ...Chris Goldthorpe2-0/+22
2007-02-05fixed missing quotes, etc (some XML was invalid)Curtis D'Entremont3-11/+11
2007-02-02rework providers API to be less DOM-centricCurtis D'Entremont5-126/+138
2007-01-31Bug 170677 - [Webapp] TOC Tab not initially highlightedChris Goldthorpe1-1/+1
2007-01-25nav servlet was generating links to filtered topicsCurtis D'Entremont1-9/+13
2007-01-25new toc tree wasn't filtering topicsCurtis D'Entremont1-9/+15
2007-01-25new printing iconCurtis D'Entremont2-0/+0
2007-01-25fixed 500 server error when using firefoxCurtis D'Entremont1-1/+8
2007-01-19switched to classes vs ids for stylingv20070122Curtis D'Entremont1-3/+3
2007-01-19166391 [Help] Add breadcrumbs supportCurtis D'Entremont6-18/+177
2007-01-1738196 [Help] Print multiple topics (fix headings)Curtis D'Entremont2-29/+43
2007-01-1738196 [Help] Print multiple topicsCurtis D'Entremont16-20/+560
2007-01-12Bug 170149 - [Webapp] Fixed font size in buttons and text inputChris Goldthorpe4-1/+24
2007-01-12Bug 170251 - Getting rid of compiler warnings during buildsChris Goldthorpe1-1/+1
2007-01-04Bug 169474 - [Webapp] Build script needs to be updatedChris Goldthorpe1-4/+7
2006-12-27Refactor index view to be a single framev20061228Chris Goldthorpe9-312/+186
2006-12-27Bug 129512 [Webapp] Search Sope window can not be resizedChris Goldthorpe1-8/+15
2006-12-27Bug 129512 [Webapp] Search Sope window can not be resizedChris Goldthorpe1-0/+3
2006-12-26Bug 129512 [Webapp] Search Sope window can not be resizedChris Goldthorpe3-20/+76
2006-12-26Uodate copyrightChris Goldthorpe1-1/+12
2006-12-19Bug 76256 Scrollbar was not created on IEChris Goldthorpe1-0/+7
2006-12-15Fix event handling code and refactor into utils.js.Chris Goldthorpe10-221/+202
2006-12-13Don't automatically highlight expanded item.Chris Goldthorpe1-8/+2
2006-12-12Bug 167500 [Webapp] New toc view shouldn't highlight any item upon openingChris Goldthorpe1-13/+13
2006-12-12Bug 167495 [Webapp] 404 page not found error in toc viewChris Goldthorpe3-2/+13
2006-12-12Bug 167489 [Webapp] New toc doesn't sync upon opening initial topicChris Goldthorpe1-0/+35
2006-12-12Bug 167502 [Webapp] Clicking on toc icon doesn't highlight topicChris Goldthorpe1-2/+2
2006-12-12Bug 167500 [Webapp] New toc view shouldn't highlight any item upon openingChris Goldthorpe1-5/+2
2006-12-11only show links view if user requested infopopsCurtis D'Entremont1-1/+5
2006-12-11fix build breakCurtis D'Entremont1-1/+5
2006-12-10Added org.eclipse.core.expressions to the classpathv20061210Chris Goldthorpe1-0/+2
2006-12-08142526 [Help] Allow if/else conditionals (filters) for dynamic contentv20061208Curtis D'Entremont2-3/+5
2006-12-07Improve scrolling logic so that expander is not scrolled off page.Chris Goldthorpe3-0/+63
2006-12-06migrate away from deprecated IPlatformRunnable to IApplicationCurtis D'Entremont1-1/+1
2006-12-05Fix background for HTML pages on Mozilla/Windows to be ViewBackground.Chris Goldthorpe1-1/+1

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