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AgeCommit message (Expand)AuthorFilesLines
2002-10-03 Need to search documentati...r202_v021003R2_0_1Konrad Kolosowski15-59/+69
2002-09-17This commit was manufactured by cvs2svn to create branch 'R2_0_1'.cvs2svn3-0/+165
2002-08-09renaming infocenter war and zip to simpler namer201_v020809Konrad Kolosowski1-0/+5
2002-08-09changing version in path names to 2.0.1Konrad Kolosowski3-4/+4
2002-08-0922290 Running Infocenter as Web Application in WebSphere 4.0 Advanced Edition...Konrad Kolosowski1-30/+4
2002-08-06changing plugin version to 2.0.1r201_v020806Konrad Kolosowski3-3/+3
2002-08-06bug 22150 (disable links page for infocenter)v020806Root_R2_0_1Dorian Birsan3-25/+39
2002-08-06*** empty log message ***Konrad Kolosowski1-1/+1
2002-08-01bug 12534Dorian Birsan1-0/+0
2002-08-01resize problem, bug 12435Dorian Birsan1-3/+3
2002-07-31Update to the infocenter packaging and docsv020731Dorian Birsan5-23/+289
2002-07-30infocenter builds as .war not .zipv020730Konrad Kolosowski1-179/+179
2002-07-30moving eclipseurl classes to separate src folderv020729aKonrad Kolosowski1-10/+0
2002-07-30moving eclipseurl classes to separate src folderKonrad Kolosowski8-18/+50
2002-07-30only notice.html used in infocenter buildKonrad Kolosowski7-189/+111
2002-07-29highlight exact words as wellv020729Dorian Birsan1-0/+4
2002-07-29highlight exact words as wellDorian Birsan1-47/+71
2002-07-29*** empty log message ***Konrad Kolosowski4-29/+37
2002-07-26infocenter buildKonrad Kolosowski2-0/+160
2002-07-26removing links and livehelp handlers unused in infocenterKonrad Kolosowski2-46/+0
2002-07-26installation steps for the webappKonrad Kolosowski3-0/+298
2002-07-26building eclipseurl.jar to root, not including infocenter dir in a pluginKonrad Kolosowski3-5/+5
2002-07-2621845 topic labels cannot contain < > & "Konrad Kolosowski1-0/+0
2002-07-26bug 21845: <topic> tag doesn't like labels with &lt;xxx&gt;Dorian Birsan6-6/+48
2002-07-26legal files for infocenterKonrad Kolosowski3-0/+281
2002-07-18add excludes rulev020718Dorian Birsan2-5/+2
2002-07-18simplyfing build.xml and basing it on pde generated build.xmlKonrad Kolosowski4-141/+99
2002-07-16*** empty log message ***v020716Konrad Kolosowski1-0/+0
2002-07-1621609 help plugins explicitly prereq org.eclipse.core.runtimeKonrad Kolosowski3-3/+0
2002-07-1521488 Infocenter ClassCastException in XercesKonrad Kolosowski1-1/+1
2002-07-13*** empty log message ***Konrad Kolosowski1-1/+1
2002-07-12bug 19502Dorian Birsan3-5/+5
2002-07-11Bug 21501 helpwebapp assumes it is deployed under pluigins directoryKonrad Kolosowski2-19/+26
2002-07-1121088 TVT2: CannotSync displayed in help instead of proper dialog messageKonrad Kolosowski4-7/+9
2002-07-1121350 Infocenter, help webapp should define welcome file listKonrad Kolosowski3-0/+18
2002-07-1121487 Infocenter: servlet classes not foundKonrad Kolosowski3-0/+45
2002-07-0821348 duplicate eclipseurl jar in help.webapp pluginKonrad Kolosowski1-2/+2
2002-07-08fix for collapse / expand problem 20887Dorian Birsan1-7/+24
2002-07-08new imagesDorian Birsan4-0/+0
2002-06-27correction to F1 for search action and dialogv020627R2_0Konrad Kolosowski1-1/+2
2002-06-26Add back about.html, cpl-v10.html, notice.html v020626Dean Roberts3-0/+90
2002-06-26Remove about.html, cpl-v10.html, notice.html so we can do a bulk re-add with ...Dean Roberts3-90/+0
2002-06-26*** empty log message ***Dorian Birsan4-6/+8
2002-06-26*** keyword substitution change ***Dean Roberts3-87/+87
2002-06-2520894 Documentation: remove the disclaimer about help still evolvingKonrad Kolosowski1-31/+0
2002-06-2520894 Documentation: remove the disclaimer about help still evolvingv020625Konrad Kolosowski4-43/+0
2002-06-2520925 TVT2: Problem with keyname for GOKonrad Kolosowski1-1/+1
2002-06-21Modify licenses and abouts to pass chkpii accessibility testsv020623Dean Roberts3-60/+21
2002-06-21*** empty log message ***Konrad Kolosowski1-1/+1
2002-06-21removing duplicate fileKonrad Kolosowski1-23/+0

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